Only 15 And Might Be Pregnant

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Kat - February 3

As much as I hate sayign this I actually think I might be pregnant. I'm only 15 going on16 in May. And this will totally ruin my life. I'm a good student, I have a loving boyfriend, and all through my life was considered the goody-goody. Even my father still sees me as a baby in his eyes. I'm scared. My boyfriend knows (he's only 16 going on 17 in july) and he blames himself. I know he loves me, we've loved eachother for a while we've only broken up once and even during that we still thought about eachother. I know I shouldn't try to deepened on him as a backbone I mean I wish I could but he as big of a mess as me about this. Only thing I know is, we werent being careful then the next week i got my period (which was a week before i was suppose to get it) and now its a month later and I'm not having a period. All I know is I dont wanna be pregnant. I dont wanna be the girl who people talk about at school. I dont want my boyfriend to have to tell his parents or for me to have to tell mine. I definitely didnt expect the idea of me ever being pregnant before i was at the very least 20 to ever enter my mind i mean before last november when he and i first decided to have s_x we were both virgins. so what do i do, i mean how do i tell if i really am??. other than a pregnancy test (i know i have to get one but my boyfriends parents took his keys and driving privaledge when he got his first speeding ticket last week, and i cant even drive yet.) and if I am prenant, how do i get rid of it without an abortion and without giving birth. ( I know that during the 1st trimester thats when you are most sensitive to losing a baby by having a miscarriage)


Grandpa Viv - February 3

Kat, it sounds like your unprotected s_x was two weeks before your expected period, which is the highest risk day (and also the day that you are the most h__y). The "period" a week later would be considered an implantation bleed, especially if it was very light. If you are to get another period, it would most likely be on the original schedule, not on the week-early schedule. What is a little puzzling is that you don't talk of any early pregnancy signs at all (other than a missed period, maybe) - it makes me wonder if you really are. My suggestion is for you to wait another week to see if you get that next period. Then you have to tell your mom no matter what, because your parents deserve to be involved in the decision-making process and the time for making decisions will be running out. I am at [email protected] if you want help working your way through this situation.


x - February 3

Whats being able to drive got to do with guying a pregnancy test?


nat - February 3

I agree, you don't need a car to get a pregnancy test - that doesn't make sense! And in answer to your questions the only way to know for sure is by doing a test. And if you are there is no way of getting rid of it without going through an abortion or giving it up for adoption at birth. I hope you are not considering deliberately not taking care of yourself to bring on a misscariage?? This could be extremely dangerous for your body and could result in you not being able to conceive in the future. My advice would be to get test and find out for sure. If you are and you really don't want it, then consider an abortion. If you are against abortion but really do not want it consider adoption. ANd in future if you feel this strongly about not getting pregnant consider practising safe s_x!! Good luck x


becca - February 3

well looks like you no what ur goin to do if u r pregnant mabey abortion is best for u there isnt away its just goin 2 dissapere love u either give birth keep it get it adopted or abortion u need to think long and hard about each one


Hilary - February 3

I'm sorry, but how cruel are you? Having an abortion is one thing (btw, I'm pretty much pro life) but trying to make yourself miscarry is dumb, unhealthy and dangerous.



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