Only Chance

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tennfan18 - July 11

I am 18 and my boy friend (19) just found out from the Dr. that an enlarged blood vessel may be causing him to go steril. We are both going to be freshmen at the same college and had a plan for if i did become pregnant ( he go 2 school and get a part time job while i get an apartment and ful time job) He and I have talked about having children when we are older, but now this might be our only chance. I dont know if we should try to have a baby now and just not have the life we and our parents hoped for, or just adopt when the time is right for us to have kids?


Emma2 - July 11

Oh boy thats a hard desicion dear. You need to really ask yourself how badly you want this and how much you are willing to sacrifice. Good Luck.


PrincessesMom - July 11

Your plans don't have to change. You can have his sperm frozen for later use. Your chances of making you relationship a lifelong commitment will be much better if you are a little older, have good jobs so that finances aren't a worry, and have the time you need as a couple before becoming a family. I wish you the best!


tennfan18 - July 11

I forgot to add that we have been toget her for 2 1/2 years and accidentally became pregnant before, but miscarried.


Emma2 - July 11

Sorry to hear about the miscarriage.You sounds pretty reasonable and more mature for your age but having a child is very difficult , so really its a difficult desicion and you should try talking to someone close to you (an adult ) as a couple .


Grandpa Viv - July 11

I wonder how expensive it would be to have some sperm frozen and put in a sperm bank. Then you could try to get pregnant at a time of your choosing. Good luck!


flower.momma - July 12

That is really hard. I got pregnant with my daughter at the age of 18, while being tested for endometriosis, so I can kind of understand what you're feeling. My husband, then fiance, had been together for 4 years. I was having all of the symptoms and was scheduled for a laproscopy even though the dr.s were pretty sure that is what it was. Endometriosis greatly reduces fertility as time goes by. I kept thinking, should I just get pregnant now, while I still have a chance? But I guess the decision was made for me. My dr. prescribed me antibiotics and didn't tell me that they would interfere with the pill. I am so glad to have my daughter, but I have given up a lot. Now we are expecting #2, and I can't help but wonder if I would have these beautiful joys in my life if I had waited a few more years. It is hard, but doable, to go to college and take care of a child, and the sperm bank idea is a good one. This is one of those cases where you have to look at your life, and decide what would be best for YOU. None of the advice in the world can truly prepare you for the road ahead. I hope the best for you!



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