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~Me~ - June 19

I know everyone on here has their own opinion ... but i tihnk im gonna voice mine. i know having a baby at a young age is har dbut no one has the right to act like a parent and tell kids to stop getting on here or to stop doing what they are doing ... they come here for help or advice or to warn other ppl of the realities. just because ur younger doesnt mean anything in the real world age is just a number it doesnt mean u cant get a job or anything else. so if ur gonan party party and if ur gonna have s_x have s_x but either be careful about it or make sure u can be a good parent ... thats not me trying to sound like a mom ... im 16 i understand. its ur life u can do whatever u want with it and no one can stop u in the end. ive done my fair share of everything and i know that if i end up pregnant ill be able to be a very good mom. i didnt have much of a dad and its not the best environment but its better than nothing and it made me and my mom inseperable for a long time. and, 2 of my really good friends have babies. one is with the father and she has graduated high school 2 yrs early and is goin top college and they are living on their own, its amazing. the other isnt with the dad but still goes to school and she lives at home. it can be done but its hard. just dont let ppl get u down or make u feel bad for stuff uve done or still do ... they arent worth it


Lizzie - June 19

I agree w/U!!


Mere - June 19

OMG this is the only letter i have read that is nice! Thanks so much I am 14 and pregnant


Thanks!! - June 19

That is a good message, thanks for sending sonthing that does not sound like nagging or trying to tell us another sad storie. I agree with you totally. Thank!


~Me~ - June 19

u all are very welcome about the letter. i wasnt doing anything i didnt feel was needed and i didnt say anything that wasnt true. yea im only 16 but ive been through quite a bit if any of u ever need to talk im here. AIM - fuzzyb___tedmonky MSN - [email protected] MAIL - [email protected] YAHOO - wishingforsomuchmore



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