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Jen - September 29

Hi there. My husband and I adopted a wonderful baby boy, through an open adoption. He is now 2 1/2 and we are looking to adopt again when he turns 3 or earlier if the right situation arises. I know how important it is for us to network and I think we are very easygoing, nice people who just need to find that special match. Anyway, we are 33 years old. We live in NJ and we are financially secure. We live in a great area to raise kids.. I feel like we are such a great family, we should be able to network and possibly meet a bithmother. We do have a homestudy, we just need to get it updated with one visit. We woould like to do an open adoption with a newborn to 1 toddler. Please if you are interested in getting to know us better, email me at [email protected] Thanks!


Jen - October 1



Da iLlEsT bItCh - October 1

Do you only want someone from nj? One more question...What is your race?...Sorry im just curious


Jen - October 1

Hi De iLlest bItch. I am Caucasian. I don't care where the birthmother is from. As long as she is in the USA and we click and get along well. I did find a birthmother last month, actually two. One, I just didn't feel it and we didn't agree on things. The other, I love but she decided to have her mom raise her daughter.....we still talk. My son's birthmother is from NY and we matched right away, we just get along very well. We don't talk that much anymore, she is in college but we will always be here for her, she is our matter how much we talk.


Jay - October 4

i am thinking about adoption. i will keep your email address.


Jen - October 6

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Elle - October 7

If you don't mind reading my situation, its under "now what." I would like very much to talk to you about the procedures you went through with the adoption. Thank you and have a wonderful day =]


Kay - October 11

I want to use an adoption agency in NY, sorry. Do you know of any?


Jen - October 11

Actually yes. We are going to use an one if we can't find a birthmother on our own. We adopted our son through spence chapin. They are wonderful to birthparents. They wait until the baby is born before you look for an adoptive family. They will help you decide what is best for you. If you change you mind after teh baby is born, you bring the baby home no questions asked. With our first adoption, before our sons birthmother signed the paperwork, they made us aware of this many times. Email me with any questions about them. I am always interested in talking about our story, it worked out great. They really want to find a match that you feel good about, no matter how many families you have to look through. I'm sure there are many great families out there but you need to find a match you feel good about. Good Luck!!! Adoption can be a wonderful thing but you need to be sure it's what you want and in most situations, I don't thing you really can be 100% sure until the baby is born. Do what is right for you and your baby.


Hi - October 18

I'm in NY and I think more girls should think about open adoption, not abortion. I did.


STOP STOP STOP - October 18



E - October 18

I WANT TO SCREAM THIS - But I will not. There is nothing wrong with advertising adoption over the internet! It is next to impossible to adopt a child in the US via an adoption service and one may never get a child that way as it takes MANY YEARS. What is your frickin problem? Most birth mothers do not know the adoptive parents whether it be via a service or done privately. It is a risk a birth mother takes and a very selfless and worthwhile one if one cannot raise her baby in a healthy and thriving environment which all children deserve. Plain and simple.


Jen - October 18

It's not like I just want to take someones baby. I only want to find someone who is interested in adoption. People who adopt have background checks and do go through an attorney or adoption agency. It's not like I am looking for an address to go and pick up a baby today. It is hard to find a good match, not only for an adoptive couple but for the birthparents as well. Our sons birthmother had many couple interested but some couples wanted a closed adoption, some couples just did not match with what she wanted for her son. Hey, no matter what way you meet people, they start out as strangers. It's fine if you don't agree with what I am doing but to be 100% honest with you, I feel totally comfortable with it. Anyway, I am addicted to this board other ones on this site. I am not here just to a baby. My husband and I decided to wait another year and we will go to an agency. I am only doing this to see if we can find a match on our own. I am not desperate and I will not do anything for a baby. I will not hurt someone or do something they do not want, I am a good person. I don't understand why some people react so strongly about this. I understand there are crazy people on the internet, there are crazy people in real like too. There are also good people in both places as being one of them. Oh well, feedom of speech.


Tra - October 20

open adoption is great, I met my sons adoptive family online. I stay in touch with them. He is 6 months old, so far so good.



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