Ovulating On Cycle Day 20

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kendra.marie - October 18

finally my ovulation has occurred last night took a OPK (+) yah! && im just curious. how long should my cycle be with a ovulation like this?


KooKoo - October 18

get shagging


Bren1367 - October 18

Hi kendra, I found this info. After ovulation, every woman (unless she has a health problem that affects her periods) will have a period within 14 to 16 days. But I did notice on your chart that last month your luteal phase was 10 days, so your period might come sooner than 14 days. Also, A normal luteal phase is approximately 12 - 16 days and needs to be at least 10 days for implantation to take place. A short luteal phase can cause fertility problems making it difficult for a women to get pregnant. I hope this is helpful. ~Bren


Bren1367 - October 18

Oh yah, Have fun gettin busy!


kendra.marie - October 18

thank you much! hehe. yah last month it was that way because of the iud removal. it was usually about 14 dyas before that one. so by that my period should come on nov 1. =] hopefully it doesnt tho.


Missy - October 18

kendra - due to your birth control method (IUD right) your previous LP may have been affected. As Bren stated, you maybe will see a period in as little as 10 days, but, it could be more. Also remember when you get a POS opk you can ovulate anywhere from that day till about 48 hours later - SO GET ON IT girl if you wanna catch that eggie and also I would say start using fertilityfriend.com to help you track your cycles if you aren't already using it. If you do, whats your addy and I will add you to my list of charts I am "stalking" hahaha.


kendra.marie - October 18

missy i have yours isnt it missmissy? lol mines kendramarie. lol i swear i gave it to you before. haha =] yes ive used it && no it did efect my lp because my doctor told me i woudl get my period within 3-6 days from iud removal i got it out on wed & AF came saturday, i wasnt due till the 2nd of octover so it cam 4 days early.


Missy - October 19

Based on your average then you should have a 34 day cycle - which means AF on 11/1 (like u said). BTW - VERY cute kid you've got there - too funny about the crying tho - don't they always manage to do that - cry at the flash of a camera hahaha.


kendra.marie - October 19

missy thanks. lol yah thats was my ff says average is 34 so i figured it would be a 34 day cycle this month 14 lp. so lets hope Nov 1 comes & no AF. right before my 19th that would be amazing id be so thrilled =] well pray baby pray. yah Kelsey shes a turkey, she wasn't crying from the flash she wanted the camera haha! lol


Missy - October 20

I hope it works out for you Kendra - have you tried the psychic prediction - go to cheri22.com pay $7 and get a prediction with month of either conception, find out in or birth month as well as personality profile for future baby it's way cool I did it and she said October and boy so it's cool cuz i start Clomid tomorrow so maybe this October YAY Anyway also check out my business nataliasgiftshop.com for that cute lil bugger of yours my 2 year old loves all the girl stuff and wants to keep it. Talk soon =D


kendra.marie - October 21

well really ill have to check that out ! gosh its nuts last wednesday or thursday or maybe friday i ovulated & im very excited with that i did bding tuesday & friday(lots friday) so hopefully it really works out id be more then thrilled thanks


Missy - October 22

Today was my first Clomid - hopefully I will be just behind you with a BFP!! Do check out the site - your daughter would love the girly stuff I have and the boy stuff also is super cute!!!


kendra.marie - October 22

oh i did shes got lots of that already; shes spoiled lol. so who knows. but yah hopefully its this month



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