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Scaredy Cat - November 8

Hi, i am going to get my first pap-smear next week and im really scared and nervous, i was just wondering if you could tell me your experiences? did it hurt? im so scared it is going to hurt, and im so nervous about people seeing that part of my body! i dont even let my bf see down tehre. i always hide under covers and i dont even take my top off!


Mommy - November 8

I did it twice. It wasn't that bad really. They see like 30 v____as a day so it's nothing new to them. It is embara__sing to you though. It isn't painful really. If they are gentle (TELL THEM TO BE) then you should be fine. It's uncomfortable, yes, but it's good to know your health status. What they will do is have you take off your pants and underwear, cover up with the paper sheet, then when the doctor comes in he/she will put feel around your stomach, (I think they do this even if your not pregnant.) Then they will lube up the thing that speads you open, insert a big Q-Tip type thing and swab your insides. They will tell you what tests they are doing I think and then you get dressed and leave. It is also normal to bleed a bit after you get it done. Good luck and don't worry. I'm sure if you want to you can even have your mom/friend/sister go in with you to make it less scary.


Jbear - November 8

This is what it has usually been like for me: They have you take everything off and put on a gown, then sit on the table with a sheet (the gown and sheet will be paper if it's a public health clinic, or fabric if it's a private doctor), then the doctor will come into the room. First the doctor will check your b___sts for lumps. Then you'll be asked to put your feet in the stirrups, if they have them, or wide apart on the table if there's no stirrups. The sheet will still be covering your lower half, and your knees will be raised, so all you see is sheet. Then the doctor will usually insert a couple of fingers in your v____a and press on your stomach to feel your uterus and ovaries. Then they insert the speculum, which may be warmed first. They sc___pe a little bit of tissue off of your cervix for the pap smear. Sometimes you read about them putting a finger in the a__s as well, but I've never had a doctor check that. I know it seems embara__sing for the doctor to see those parts of you, but the doctor treats women of all shapes, sizes and ages, so he or she has seen it all before. There will be a nurse present throughout the exam, too. I remember being terribly embara__sed before my first couple of pelvic exams, like not wanting to pee all day before I went so I would smell fresh, silly stuff like that. By the way, they always have you pee in a cup to check for pregnancy, as part of the exam. The exam usually doesn't hurt, but you might be a little sore afterwards, I was once out of maybe 10 pelvic exams I've had. I've never bled after an exam, even when I was a virgin. You will have some lubricating jelly left down there after the exam, so you'll want to wipe before you put your underpants back on (usually there's a box of tissues in the changing area, that's what it is for). About not letting your boyfriend see you naked, it's normal to be self-conscious about your body when you're is something you'll grow out of with time. Part of the problem is comparing your body with pictures you've seen in adult magazines (I think every young girl does this) but the bodies you see there have been airbrushed...real women don't look like that.


amanda - November 8

I was so scared when i went in. i was shaking and my doctor asked me what was wrong. so i told her how my mom and sister had always warned me about the gyno and the papsmear. she laughed and told me that it wasn't that bad and with my family history we had to be very careful and make sure it was done (both my mom and sis had pre cancerous cells when they were teenagers. my mom just had to get laser surgery again because they found more). she talked me through the whole thing and it was alittle uncomfortable when she put the speculum (i think that's right.. the thing that opens you v____a up) but i didn't feel anything else. when i was walking back outside to my car though it was pretty bad i had bad stomach pains (i don't know if that's normal or not but my stomach felt like it was falling out alittle) but then when i got my results back i felt so relieved. i have to go this week for another one so i am alittle nervous again not about the procedure but about the results. i am sure you will be fine and just tell them that your a little nervous and they will be more compa__sionate about it. Goodluck!


Scaredy Cat - November 8

Thankyou guys for your answers and descriptions and not sayin im an idiot for being scared!! cos i sure feel like one!! Im feeling a little more confident but i think i will be scared c___pless until after it is done! thanks again :)


angel - November 8

hi :) i was really scared when i had my first one done but its not as bad as it seems... u can ask for a girl dr and it really only is a few minutes while ur undressed and it doesnt hurt if it does tell them and theyll stop good luck ull be fine :)



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