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KDQ - May 23

ok can somebody put my mind at seriously going insane...i know you can't get pregnant from dry s_x...but i keep thinking what if.....and then i get people saying you can so then i get even more confused and paranoid. i even took an EPT and it came out negative but then i get people saying that they didnt show positive until 5 weeks!!! I've gotten my period since then and it was normal...but then i have people saying that pregnant women still get their im realli there any way that i can be pregnant????


Jodie86 - May 23

Any kind of s_x, what ever you want to call it, could get you pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So whoever told you that was a lie! But if you've had your period already, and a negative test i'd stop worrying! The only way you are totally safe from pregnancy 100% is to not have s_x! Even birth controls are only like 99%!!! And if you don't want a baby why aren't you using protection?????????


Emma2 - May 23

Pregnant women do not get their periods ...especially not regular ones....What they get is some spotting and a lighter than usual bleeding. But in no way is it a considered a period. Dry s_x has very low chances of getting you pregnant but if there is s____n that entered your v____a you have a possibility but YOU GOT YOUR the answer is "chill out , dont stress, youre not pregnant"!!


midnight_drift - May 23

I hate to break it to you Jodie, but do you even know what dry s_x is? because NO you cannot get pregnant from dry s_x because sperm can't get through clothing, let alone double clothing. You can rub up on each other all you want, just don't let yourself do that naked, because it COULD. And jodie, you don't need to "use protection" with dry s_x, because there is no "s_x" involved. It isn't just "any kind of s_x" it is only rubbing against each others certain spots, but with clothing. Besides, you can't get a normal period during pregnancy, you can bleed but it wouldn't be normal. And if you already got a negative test you can stop worrying.



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