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Albany - February 15

I'm 18 and found out I'm five weeks pregnant. Me and my boyfriend have been together for many years and we love each other deeply. My relationship with my parents is far from comfortable, and I'm having trouble of thinking of how to tell them. I come from a family where pregnancy happens early, my own sister became pregnant when she was 15. I'm the baby of the family, and it makes everything much more difficult. Despite it not being planned, I want this to be celebrated and not.. frowned upon in any way. My mother has dealt with this once already, and at a much younger age. I'm an adult now, but I'm still always going to be her baby. I know there's no real way around it, but I'd like some sort of help or tip. She's overly protective and extremely intimidating, I've always found it hard to even look her in the eye. She also doesn't seem fond of the father, which makes me even more nervous. Thanks for any help.


PreciousBaby19 - February 16

Tell her that you love her and even though she doesn't respect the man you are with and understand your decision on being with him. That you really want her to be apart of your life and the babies life and to understand that this is your life and your decision. You can't back down when its dealing with your life. You have to make her understand if she can't keep her remarks and bein pushy about your child then she wont be much involved....hope that helps. You just need to realze that you can't let her control you. Your a big girl


amanda17 - February 16

I am having the same problem. I'm 17 and six months pregnant. I have already told pretty much everyone. They all had the same reaction; excitement and worry. They all kinda flipped out at first but once they got used to the idea they were very happy. Everyone is avoiding telling my dad, including me. I am so scared of how he'll react. So, this morning I wrote him an extremely detailed letter about pretty much every emotion I've had since I found out I was pregnant and I even explained why I thought a letter was the best way to let him know. I tried to be as honest as possible so he could really understand and not be upset with me. My mom is delivering the letter to him as we speak and I couldn't be more nervous, but I still think it was a good idea and the best way to let him know. So if you're as afraid to talk to your mom as I am to my dad, try writing her a letter like I did.



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