Pb Amp Db

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kendra.marie - November 20

okay both of you. i love you both you both have stuck up for me but yet both have said thats that are not necessarily needed to be said. as for your two argument you two are fighting because i don't know why. but seriously stop its the only drama thats left on here. put it to rest. we all know everyone makes mistakes as i have myself by putting PB life public which i didn't want for me why would i do that to her? i was angry. i apologized we are kewl so drop it all. so who cares about PB & her DH? she should & thats its db i don't know why your saying we discussed her & her dh all that was said is you asked if it was true i said yes; we agreed that her & her dh were ttc CONCEIVE together(this was after what i posted) we never talked about them before this so i don't see why you said in the past or why im being told you said we did in the past thats a lie.) so i don't know why you two are dragging something on that should have been dropped long ago. let it go you two i hate being in the middle. i respect both of you but stop the damn drama. please. god i love you both but please. =] lets stop. pb & db just please. im not starting an argument but you to are getting out of hand & i love you both & i don't want to be in the middle. if you choose to fight neither of you bring me into it thanks <3


PreciousBaby19 - November 20



grow_up - November 20

peanut b___ter rocks!


durante baby - November 20

lol...Yes, she does, which is why she is one of the few people on here I would have wanted to make amends with. Kendra, I wont even bother argueing with pb anymore, because I understand completely why it would upset you, just like how I understood how it upset pb, when tess and I were argueing. She knows how to get ahold of me if she wants to talk like adults.


jennifer_33106 - November 20

As the Teen forum turns, these are the threads of our lives.


grow_up - November 20

oh addy you missed a great s_x ed talk :( you too peanut b___ter!


durante baby - November 21

Pb I already said Im not argueing with you.So why must you continue?....Well off to work, very late...thats right, Im late and playing on the computer. Im also going to stop at mickey Ds to get a salad. So Im going to be SUPER late.


PreciousBaby19 - November 21

Db. I'm not trying to argue with you. But you lied to me Directly =) And just to let you know. Your a__sumptions are wrong. My husband doesn't beat me.....Dont talk about me. You say you dont. But you are. Now respect my wishes and knock it off. If not....then I will continue to say what I please On here. =)



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