People Are So Judgemental

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Cassie06 - March 13

Hello! I am 19 and a sophmore in college. I have been married to my husband for a year in May and we are expecting our first child in August. I love this baby so much and we and our family and friends are so thrilled about this pregnancy, however, strangers and other acquaintances act like it is the strangest thing in the world for me to be pg, even though it is very common in this area. I hear questions all the time such as "Why are you throwing your life away?" and "Was this planned?" It is so upsetting! How would you deal with this? Anyone else in sort of the same situation?


maren - March 13

Well i would first ask them if they had kids if they said yea i would ask them what they asked you "Why did you throw your life away?" and so on. They will probably say i didnt or thats none of your buisness and tell them that the same goes for what they asked. I have not had to deal with i have only had people that are excited and want to know when im due. I would possible just ignore there rude questions all together and answer something that they did not ask, like just respond by saying yes we are so excited and have everything almost ready for the baby.


Lillie E - March 13

i hate people like that. when i was pregnant i used to get dirty looks all the time, mine wasn't planned, but SO WHAT? i was soo excited after the first few weeks (i was still in shock mostly) i still held my head up high. i'm a proud mama and thats all that matters, screw what they think as long as your happy they don't matter.


EricaP - March 13

Hey Im 19 and already have a baby, I got the looks too. It gets better! THe looks went into comment like omg your son is so beautiful, and look at those eyes! so keep your head up, prove the others wrong, some ppl have nothing better to do but judge others!


AudreyC - March 13

Even in today's supposedly enlightened society, many pregnant women are treated like they don't exist, no matter how old they are. I've heard stories of preg women being forced to stand on a bus or commuter train because nobody would give them a seat. When a woman chooses to have a child it should be seen as a wonderful thing and not an embarra__sment.



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