People Like Charlie And Maddie

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Tay - January 20

Why must weput up with the shit that people like charlie and maddie say. They are beneath us. They have not gone through the many things that we have. getting the chance to feel our baby move for the first time, hearing their hearts beat, recieving a sonogram, or the feeling of knowing that your are contributing a great person to this world, and having the chance to love someone unconditionally. They ar upset because they have no one. That is why they down us. To conclude this Charlie and Maddie you can both kiss my natural black ass. Goodnight


haha - January 21

If thats what you think Maddie you haven't a clue about motherhood! Go find something constructive with your time.


Seriously - January 21

After reading posts that Maddie has made, it really seems like she has nothing better to do then sit here and type the cruel and usesless things she does. If i were you all i would just simply ignore her.She just likes adding fuel to the fire


Tay - January 21

Maddie all I have to say to you is that WE are teen parents and proud of it. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia - January 21

You know it is so obvious to me that you ahve no concept of child bearing. ALL BABYS ARE BORN FOR A REASON. They are all innocent. People who judge others shall also be judged. If not here on the other side and I would not want to be there to see what God has to say to soemone who is so blind as to judge people the way some do on here. These girls come here for information and support. Not to be torn down by such stupidity. If you think this way you should find somewhere else to go bash people.


lidia - January 22

you are putting girls down because you think you are better then them you sound like the child they have the right to do what they want if they make mistakes they will pay for them in the long run but you sound like the dumb one and how old are you 9?


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Maddie- You're obviously still a little baby yourself, Im sure your Mommys still wiping your a__s, and picking up after you. Not only don't you have a clue about motherhood, you don't have a clue about life. Im willing to bet 100 dollars that you're about 13 or 14, and you're just a fat little loser and everyone ignores you so you come onto the internet to try and get attention, but the only attention you can get is negative. Until you've walked in the shoes of a teen mother you'll never ever know anything about it, as much as your little mind may think so, you'll never know. So don't sit behind your computer acting like you know all because all you've done is make a complete a__s out of yourself. You should be ashamed.


Mommy2Kylie - January 24

No one makes them feel like they're immature, it's just a fact, and they've proven it with every post they've made.



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