People That Have Abortions

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tammy - February 10

There are those that are have tubal pregnancies, or are raped.............they get abortions too, but how high do you think their percent of abortions is compared to the total number???? Very small in comparison to those girls who would like to make everything just "go away". There are tons of girls who use abortions as birth control, some of the forums on here depict that. Those girls have to defend it in their own minds and usually sound VERY selfish. However, what any one person thinks does NOT make it right or wrong. On a broader scale, let's look at what is BEST....... it is best to VALUE life..... That ensures that our children won't kill us when we're old and useless. That is why we fight wars over injustices. It's the value of life, that keeps us from becoming totally primitive. The people that will follow the "easy way out" will take it no matter what anyone says on here. It's the teens that deep down want to keep their babies that need the encouragement to VALUE life. Let's quit arguing about the feelings of mother's who have had abortions..... and focus on the feelings of fear and insecurity that any Mom feels. We need to tell those girls....... you "can" do it. You girls are HEROES! And I'm proud of your courage!!!!!!!!!!! Truly I am.


none - February 10

Very well said, I totally agree 100%.


re : tammy - February 10

you too just pushed your beliefs on someone.....come on let's be honest. Don't try and make it seem all sweet and all you are no better then the rest of the nuts on these sights not listening and forcing these young girls into making un informed decisions. I would have agreed with you until I read you going on about what is Best. Best according to whom, you. No offence but I hardly think you are Mother Theresa's twin and you are a saint. There was only one of those and it was her. If she had voiced it to this young ladies then maybe they would take it seriously. Instead of you deciding what is best for them, teach them to be strong in what ever decision they make, whether you like it or not. If they had someone putting that into there heads in the long run, telling them they were valuable they might not of felt it necessary to go have s_x so young. And it is not an easy way out. I have never had one but will support whom ever makes there own decision. Unfortunately that is an option that has become a way for some as birth control i will agree with you there, but that doesn't make any others who have had it or are thinking of doing it a bad person and with that in their minds they are sure to end up in that situation again.


becca - February 10

i agree with abortion is not birth control thats completely true but please dont make the girls that choose the obortion route feel even worse then they proberly do. But teenage mothers and mothers to be get slated for having and abortion and also for keeping the baby and for getting the baby adopted it seems that we can not do anything write so to those that disagree with the young women hu get pregnant keep your mouths shut and keep the peace


re: from tammy - February 10

When I said that it is BEST, I was speaking on broader implications of valuing life....... which is ideal and cannot be argued. Now things are not ideal in every situation, so I am not judging those situations I am only making a comment on the value of life. I mean someone valued our lives and that is why we're here. Interesting? Becca, I know what you mean about people being negative, but I am NOT being negative. I put this post up for the moms who have chosen to keep their babies........ They need to know that to value life takes courage, it is not easier than abortion. It is much harder.......... In society, girls like you get alot of flack, that's not fair, and yet you're not giving up........ that shows that you're ready for motherhood. Hey, I'm also a younger Mom!



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