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nikkis18 - November 13

i posted on my old thread yesterday and told everyone that i had started my period but its gone today? i'm starting to think that it wasn't quite a period it was pink at first then brown and only lasted from about 2pm yesterday to about 9am this morning any ideas on what it was? could it be from coming off the depo shot? its already been 7 months since my last shot shouldn't i be gettings back to normal by now? but we have been ttc since my last shot i'm afraid i won't have a period at all before it happens have any of you had implantation bleeding? does this sound anything like it?


amanda17 - November 13

Hm, refresh my memory, do you have irregular periods? If not, and it was early, then that sounds like implantation bleeding to me. I did experience it but at the time I never paid any attention to my body [because I was an idiot] so I brushed it off and don't remember it very clearly. It was definitely pink spotting and brown yuckiness though. I'll cross my fingers for you, good luck!


nikkis18 - November 13

yeah i have irregular periods i was the one that was on depo for 3 years and didn't have hardly any periods while on it. my last shot was 7 months ago so i'm hoping my body is getting back to normal!! how long do you think i should wait before i test since that may have been implatation? it was def brown and pretty gross def not like a normal period i also had cramping kinda like being on a period for a few hours yesterday. thank you!!!


V9653 - November 14

when implantation occurs, then the pregnancy hormone starts being produced. I'd give it a couple of days because if it is implantation you want to let it get snug in there, then about three or four more days your body should be producing enough hormones to show on the most sensitive tests. So if it were me and I'd want to be sure, I'd wait a week, and then test and then I'd be more confident of my result.


nikkis18 - November 14

thank you i'll wait until next wednesday that will be a week from when it started and take a test.


V9653 - November 14

okay, good luck!!! Oh and keep us up to date


nikkis18 - November 15

thanks i really hope that this is it but it happened again last night it was that nasty brown color and wasn't like a flow at all it was like spotting but its gone again now. does implantation do that? the first time i had it was wednesday no sign of it thursday then again last night. i'm really confused now. i'm not really having any ohter symptoms besides slight nausa mostly when i'm in a car.


amanda17 - November 15

Erm... Sounds a little weird. Only a test will tell, I suppose. Be patient, I was speaking with a woman in my cla__s who was ttc after having the shot and it took her almost 2 years to become pregnant.


nikkis18 - November 16

yeah i'm not sure what is going on but i'm going to take a test later this week so i will let all of you know the results. i'm tired of being patient lol j/k it just seems like it has been forever since we started trying and its only been 4 months lol.


amanda17 - November 16

4 months isn't very long for being ttc. This doesn't sound like much coming from someone who has never been ttc, but from what I know things happen when you stop stressing so much about it. Many women I know had been ttc for years and didn't get pregnant until they gave up. Stress is a huge factor in conception, just let nature run it's course and have fun along the way :)


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 17

Amanda is right, 4 months isn't that long. Granted it only took my hubby and I 5 months, it takes some normal healthy couples a year!


nikkis18 - November 17

lol i know its not that long we actually decided we were going to start trying about a year ago but i wanted to wait until i got done with school. and it just seems like forever and we arent those people that try to figure everything out and buy all the stuff to figure out my temp and all that i would get really stressed with that we figure just have s_x as much as we can and it will happen sooner or later tmi i know lol. but my fiance is loving it lol. but i am going to take a test wednesday or thursday i will be on here to let you guys know either way. oh and i'm starting to get more symptoms i'm actually throwing up now it has only been in the morning and nausua all through the day.


amanda17 - November 17

Ah, sounds like this is the month then :)


nikkis18 - November 19

well another negative this morning i don't understand i'm still feeling sick most of the day. the negative was really really light but still a negative :( i'm gonna take another test next week and if its negative and i still feel the way i do i'm gonna get a blood test done.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 19

I'm sorry. Well if you don't get your real period or that, you really should go get a blood test done


amanda17 - November 19

When do you think you would have conceived?


nikkis18 - November 20

i'm not sure when it would of been sometime between the 1st and the 6th.



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