Period Amp Pregnancy

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CareBear - February 6

Wooh- what a let down. I'm 17 years old, with the best boyfriend in the world, and his family is the absolute best too. And over the past 20-some-odd days we've been having a pregnancy scare. I honestly did think I was pregnant, I had everything but a test telling me so. This morning when I woke up I had some very minor stomach cramps, and when I went to the bathroom I saw a tiny spot of blood, so I put a pad on, and I've got to say this is completely abnormal for me! My periods are the kind where the second I get them it's like the gates upon and the floods come in, super heavy with super painful cramps from the second I get it. But I'm not experiencing too painful or heavy stuff. This is really light, the blood's more of a pink-ish color, and my cramps are so minute - Acutally I had cramps like these just a couple of weeks ago, they're just minor pains, nothing that really grabs your attention... At first I didn't want to be pregnant but then I got attached to the idea and now I really really want to be. During the past month of my pregnancy scare I've quit smoking and drinking, I've started eating right, getting in good habits... My parents are alcoholics and this pregnancy would have gotten me out of this house, as I would have moved in with my boyfriend in the apartment above his parents house... Last summer I was about 2 months pregnant, [I had a doctors test taken and it came back positive] and I had a miscarriage while on vacation... I'm worried that's going to happen again, like something's wrong with me... I don't really know if there was a question in this post, I guess I'm just venting my worries, as my boyfriend is in the National Guard and is stationed away from home for the time being, so I can't really vent to him about it. *sigh* thanks for taking the time to read this.



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