Period On Pregnancy Can Anyone Tell Me

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lonelynight - September 1

If i`m pregnant, can my period come ?


kim - August 20

Its VERY RARE but it can happen. With all my mum's children she didn't know that she was pregnant untill she was about 4 months pregnant. This was because up untill then she keep having here period and no symtoms of pregnancy.However i will say once again the chances of this happen is RARE!


Me - August 20

No, it's VERY rare for a woman to have a period during pregnancy. Treat a period as a non pregnancy sign. If you have a period you are not pregnant.


Shelly - August 20

YES, you can get your period while your pregnant, its not normal but you can get them, they are not as bad as a normal one you would have though


no - August 21

Some women have what they think is their period, but it is actually spotting. If you get your regular period, you're not pregnant.


lonelynight - August 23

my period was late for almost 10 days like that and it came last week.. it`s finish now.. so izit possible for me to have pregnancy during period time?


00 - August 31

i dont know if i have my period what does it look like dried in your pants


me - August 31

im not sure if i have my period though i found brown stuff in my pants its not poo, but is it dry blood? but today i hav'nt had any blood? plz tell me


ww - August 31

plz tell me. last night i foung brown stuff in my pants it looked like poo but it wasnt have i started my period? though today i wore a pad and nothing has come out, i hope this is my first period


o - August 31



lonelynight - August 31

i`m scared of getting pregnant although i had my period, and the period was late almost 10 days.. after it has ended, i still get some brown or red colour thing on my underwear.. what do this mean?? please anyone please help.. i heard some people say they only notice they are pregnant after few months of pregnancy although their period come and no sign of pregnancy.. can i be one of them??


amanda - September 1

kim.. when your mom was pregnant she had like a normal period it wasnt any different or anything?


ricki - May 13

ihave been spotting red blood for [email protected] stomach is craming i never been pregant @lokin 4 a miracle i wip my self no heavy bledin


larlisha - June 1

if i come on my period does that means i'm not pregnant


larlisha - June 1

if my preiod come does that means that i'm not pregnant


cella - July 21

I have be feeling very tired and have had nausea.My stomach feels sensetive and blooted.I was late with my period but then about 12 days later I got it. It was so bad. I bleed normal but i had cramps and they were so bad my leg were shacking iwas hot and had goose bumps and i felt like i was going to pa__s out . this lasted for an hour then it was gone. my period lasted 3 days. what do you think is wrong with me



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