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Donna - February 18

hi i had unproteceted s_x with my boyfriend i had my period but it was heavey and then i went light and then it stop and now im getting spots of blood could i be pregnant please help


Melissa - February 18

The best way to know for sure is to get a home pregnancy test. good luck hon.


Grandpa Viv - February 18

Unprotected s_x a couple of weeks before your period is the most likely to get you pregnant. There's a bunch of early signs you can check out on the Am I Pregnant link to the left of this box. You prob should wait a week for your hCG hormone to build up before taking a home test, first pee in the morning. Good luck!


Donna - February 18

i took a pregnancy but it came back negative can this happen the first time i take one ??


Claire - March 7

If your period was very unlike any you have had before then check it out by using a pregnancy test! Boots-ClearBlue-Around £15, well worth it! But if your periods are often irregular and odd, like explained; then there may not be any reason to worry! Good luck honey!


Claire - March 7

It says to wait about 19 days after having unprotected s_x till doing a home pregnancy test! this is so the pregnancy hormone can definantly be detected, b4 this time it may not be able to be detected by the test!


jeffer - March 7

the morning after i had s_x, i took the morning after pill, but i put it in water, and it dissolved, so i wasn't sure if it worked, then two weeks after i did hpts, both went negative, but they covered all the holes instead of just two and started from the wrong end of the diagram, then my period cam it, was on its regular day, even tho im not always regular anyway, but i still went for a blood test, and it came up negative, but im soo worried tht i am pregnant, my friend thinks i might be causin phantom pains, becasue my b___sts hurt, but thats about it, but im not sure, has ano one any ideas??


Diane - March 8

No.If you were pregnant you wouldn't have no period at all.Thats the first sign of pregnancy.Consider yourself lucky and use protection next time.



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