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amanda17 - October 14

I've had 3 periods since Ellie was born. August 5th-13th, September 5th-10th, and October 4th-10th. So my period ended not too long ago, and yesterday I started having ovulation cramps, then today I started getting PMS signs (my period usually comes in less than a week after PMS signs) Is my period really going to come that soon? I thought there had to be 14 days between ovulation and your period... what else could it be? My PMS signs are: (EXTREME) Moodiness, eating like crazy, cramps, and fatigue. My ovulation signs are: Cramps and the weird thin egg whitey discharge. Kinda hard to mistake them.


freeflyingangel - October 19

After having a baby you have to remember your body is still changing and trying to get back to normal. So maybe you will have a period maybe you wont its hard to tell everyone's body is different. I know when i had my ds i didn't get a period till the doctor put me on birth control 6 weeks after he was born and then i ended up have a period every other week for a week. I would say if it persists and shows up sooner and sooner (your period) go and talk to your doc to make sure everything is ok..


angelmonkey - October 19

how are we suposed to know when your period is suposed to come? sorry if im being mean but im just replying the way you girls to stupid questions like this


amanda17 - October 19

Is it normal to have an abnormal period after having 3 pretty normal ones?


ashley_1991 - October 19

psst- angel she is asking for advice on what it might be sheesh yu are stupid, amanda- have you changed birth controls or anything? sometimes that can effect your period, and ovulation times, also have you been inder new stress, that might cause you to be a little off =)


amanda17 - October 19

No I don't take birth control because I'm b___stfeeding. I use condoms but I doubt that would effect anything lol


newbaby2009 - October 19

Its been 5 days, has it came? If you got off you're last period on Oct. 10th, you shouldnt have even ovulated yet. Hmm. probbaly just an off cycle. I dont know much about cycles after childbirth because i had a mirena put in 6 weeks post partum. I just know they can be pretty off for a year or so.


amanda17 - October 20

Hahahahaha!! Wow thanks V! That made me laugh like 20 times :P Back to serious issues *serious face* Kinda weird thing happened... When I went to the bathroom on Friday, then Sunday, and again today (but not on Saturday) I had very light pink spotting. I dunno if that's a period or what. At first I thought it was implantation bleeding, but the last time I had s_x was right before my last period started, and we used a spermicide condom.


newbaby2009 - October 20

haha v that was awesome. Im still laughing. Cant wait to see what she has to say about that...


V9653 - October 20

are you still b___stfeeding exclusively, or are you changing it up? And also, does Ellie suck a pacifier? This surprisingly has an effect on your hormones relating to your period. Like I said, I thought the same thing with the spotting I had, but I really think you are fine. It's weird because you know how they say that if you b___stfeed exclusively you usually don't get your period for awhile, well that has to do with your hormones, and the hormones produced in your body from b___stfeeding, but if you start changing how much you b___stfeed, and if your baby sucks a pacifier then that changes the way she latches on and sucks-changing the hormones once again-THAT is why everything gets really whacked out. It's just crazy, but really it's normal. It's a rollercoaster-baby and body, just sit back and enjoy the ride.


ashley_1991 - October 20

V- "Also, I haven't seen Amanda respond like that to anyone other than the well known pranksters. It's usually Ashley who does." Where you referring to me lol and what is it i usually do i got lost in the post =) Amanda- I really dont know what it could be, sorry i cant be more of a help:(


angelmonkey - October 20

i was refeering to this question "Is my period really going to come that soon?" durr! V why are you pasting posts, changing them and pretending i wrote them! jeesh your just as sad as the rest


angelmonkey - October 20

oh so they were not dirext quotes so what you just made them up! haha newbaby you sit here waiting to see what i reply! you need to do something your life because you obviously dont


AddysMummy - October 20

Hope you get your period soon, Amanda!


newbaby2009 - October 20

Yep Angel, thats exactly what i do. Even though i wasnt even home most of the day.


amanda17 - October 20

lol thank you Tess :) I love how you randomly pop in threads hehe. V- I'm exclusively b___stfeeding still, she only took a pacifier for 3 weeks then got over it. No supplementing over here, though I do give her less than a half ounce of water regularly to get her used to the bottle (she still hates it.) I'm glad it's normal. Hormones are so weird...haha


ashley_1991 - October 21

haha V- no worries i was just wondering what you meant, usually if someone asks a dumb question(i.e am i pregnant) I reply with we really cant help yu so you are right on that ;)



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