Period While Pregnant

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Seanette - September 13

Can I get my period during my pregnancy but it is irregular am I really pregnant


pixie_snow_tears - February 2

hey hun im pregnet and im spotted alot and cramp alot i asked my doctor about it and she said not to worry that it is only normal even if u r young take tylenol and use a pad do not use tampons now if u r pregnet no other pan killers but tylenol


mary - February 19

i think i am pregnant, but i am in my period.


Baby Em - March 23

I think i am pregnant i had intercourse alot In jan but feb i had my period but no period in march could i be having symptoms?


!~ivette!~ - April 1

i know you can have your period but its like spotting while you pregnet but can you take a pregnacy test while on your period and the test be right?


julie - April 14

hi if you are pregnant can u start your period even though i took the hpt like 6 times andit shows negative and i started my period last month i hadit for 4 days when i get it for 5- days is that normal


kiesha - April 14

i have came on my period but it came late.i was only on for about 4 having symptoms of pregnacy.i didnt use protection ethier when i was having intercourse,after that i started to have symptoms.a friend of mines came on her period late,then she came on regular,and after five months she found out that she was could i be??


Sarah - April 29

is it possible to be on your period while pregnant.


meggie - May 1

it is very possible for u to have ur per. while preg. it wont actually be a period it will just be sum blood from ur uterus as the baby attatchs to the wall.... i have the same thing and i have all symtoms of pregnancy too. We have taken A LOT of test that had sum false and sum positives.... just be careful with what test u choose and i suggest going to planned parenthood:) im only 16 and it has helped me and sum of my freinds alot. good luck hunni!


Auntienana - May 3

My last full period was mid March. Feb. 16 I thought I started, but then it went away that same day and never came back. My husband took me out to dinner where I had 2 drinks recently. Normally I can drink as much as I want and it never really effects me the next day. This time however, I woke up with a headache that felt like someone hit me in the forehead and I was nauseated the entire day. I'm wondering if I did get pregnant would the changing chemicals and hormones in my body cause this strange and unfamiliar reaction to alcohol?


Auntienana - May 3

ooop I made a boo boo up there. I meant to say that March WAS my last full period and at the end of April I thought I had started, but it went away the same morning.


keisha - May 4

how can teen girl know she is pregnant


Sarah - May 8

I had s_x in feb. and have had my period in march and also april is there any way i could be pregnant? I used protection as well.


Ela - May 8

I took a lot of pregnancy test and all came up negative. The first month when i suspected that i am pregnant my period was 5 days late and 3 days long. The second month(this month) the period came at 31 days and was the same: 3 days. My brest are bigger and by belly is growing. I dont know whats happening, i hope i am pregnant.


kory t. - May 13

i was spotting for a day and then i stoped, then my period is late and i still haven't gotten my period. i took a test and it was negative.


breanna - May 17

i had s_xual intercourse on valentines day and that month i had a period on the 28 and i had already had one....i have been eating alot and been having stomach pains when i get stressed..there feels like a knot just above my bellyb___ton...i am still having my period but also pregnancy i preg?


joann - May 18

me and my huby have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now. My periods are like clock work and are about to medium flow..i got my period as usual but this time around it has been very light..i have been feeling you think that i could be pregnant?



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