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whiskeydog38 - June 3

Hi. My name's Kendra. I had a question about piercings. I am 26 weeks pregnant. I have a bellybutton ring. Is that okay to have? I heard there is bellybutton rings made for pregnant women. Is that true? Where can I find one? I also have been wanting to get a piercing. Like in my nose or my tounge. Can I get piercings when I'm pregnant? If anyone can help me that would be alot of help to me. Thanks!


young_mum_2_b - June 3

hey, from what i've heard belly b___ton rings eventually grow out...i dunno if they sell ones for pregnant women though sorry!! but i do havea tongue ring and a nose ring and they're fine...just make sure u look after them properly....keep them clean etc


sophandbob - June 3

I'm not too sure about whther it is ok to get piercings done. You might find that some places will be reluctant t pierce a pregnant lady, no matter where. I wonder if in the tongue might not be such a good idea, due to swelling, problems eating and so forth. I guess the most important thing to do is chose a reputatble company who follow strict hygiene codes. Maybe phone a couple of places and ask.


corinne - June 3

Ask a shop that does peircings they will be able to tell you if they know anything about belly rings for pregnant women. Also if your belly b___ton starts to protrude out then you will most likely have to take it out. But if you take it out it wont close trust me. I took mine out when I was pregnant with dd and that was over a little over two years ago when I took it out and I still have my hole but have not put the ring back in. Just thought you would like to know that.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 3

U can get flexible belly b___ton rings. I had to take my regular one out around 26 weeks because it was so uncomfortable but aslong as urs is feeling fine then i say leave it in


maren - June 3

as long as your regular belly ring feels comfortable i say keep it in. But if it get uncomfortable take it out you dont need it migrating out due to growing and stuff. I know if you look on ebay you can find pregnant belly rings they are long and flex able hope that helps a bit


Mandy1984 - June 4

hey, yea you can keep ot in through pregnancy, you can get pregnancy retainers on eBay for about £4 which is approx $7.50. They look like bendy bars lol Don't leave it too late cos once your tummy gets really big, it is really awkward to change them especially if your b___ton pops lol


Brittany - June 4

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and I can still wear my belly ring but I choose not to because it sticks out too much and shows under my shirts haha. I wore my belly ring up until 6 months with my first baby and a few weeks after having my son, popped the ring back in again. You can buy plastic retainer belly jewelry on ebay for pregnant women, my body piercer also told me you can use the line from a weed wacker...new line of course. You just cut it long enough so your piercing can stretch along with it. I got my nose pierced when I was three months pregnant and nothing went wrong. If I were you though, I'd ask the studio what their policy is on piercing pregnant women...or just go and don't say your pregnant. Be safe though, Congrats on your baby, good luck.


flower.momma - June 4

It depends on how big you get, my tummy got too big for one. You can find the special rings on the internet. Also, as far as I know, piercings, and long as they are done in a sterilized environment are safe. My midwife gave me an o.k. to get a small tattoo while pregnant so I don't think there's any risk for piercings.


kristi17 - June 5

I kept my belly ring in until I was about 6 months. I didn't want to take any chances of it ripping due to growing and it started to get uncomfortable. But my hole didnt close, so I put it back in once I had the baby and was back down to a regular size lol. As far as other piercings, I dont know. I dont see why it would hurt.


jessicajo - June 5

it is not okay to get pierced while pregnant because of the risk of infection and it raises your blood pressure which raises the babys


kenodra - June 6

well i had my belly b___ton pierced top and bottom, had my left nipple, my tongue and all that but i grew out of all my piercings i took everything out before i was even pregnant, but i would suggest you not wear a belly ring when your pregnant if you want to keep the hole open my doctor suggests putting regular dental floss through the hole i know sounds werid but it works my step brothers girlfriend did that when she was pregnant also. otherwise i dont know i wouldnt suggest getting any piercings when your pregnant or TATTOOS. i would wait till after you have your baby personally but maybe thats jsut me.


lindsayncadence - June 7

I kept mine in until about 30 weeks and i used a plastic one form about 20 weeks and up...also try fishing line if you are afraid it will close!!


kay96 - July 28

I'm pretty sure that it's okay to get piercings while pregnant, i have my nose and tongue and belly b___ton, everyone else iknow who has had kids has taken their bellyb___ton jewelry out, and gotten it repierced after, cause it will leave a nasty scar if you leave it in! And it should be safe to get piercings. I would talk to the piercer first to make sure that what's used to clean the jewelry and piercing equipment is safe for the baby.


ConnorsMommy - July 28

i took my bellyb___ton ring out when i found out i was pregnant because i was afraid it would migrate as i got bigger. i, also, had my nose pierced when i was 3 months pregnant (but i didnt tell them i was preggo)... and everything went fine :) a lot, of places (that i know of) won't pierce any pregnant women because of liability.


EricaLynn - July 28

Hey, I have a belly ring too and will take it out soon probably. Im 19 weeks, Ive had it for years so I dont think it will close. You can buy really long bendy belly rings for pregnancy on ebay. However when I got my tounge pierced last summer I couldnt eat for a few days...it wasnt a big deal then but now that I am pregnant it seems like a big part of my day. I would say to wait until after your done being pregnant, I have heard for the most part tatoos and piercings are a no go.


sarah lou1 - July 28

i wuud not have ur tongue pierced y u r pg but y dont u have it done after the baby is born i mean u deserve 2 treat ur self after the hard work u will have done givin birth example when i had my son i treated my self 2 a tatt2



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