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Maddie - June 11

Ok, here I go. I am 16 years old, as is my boyfriend. Life is great, but I am afraid I am about to do something that could mess my life up. I WANT to have a baby. I am around my neice constantly. I have been taking care of her since the day she was born: overnighters, early morning, and when I needed to study for exams.I love her so much, and I can handle her any time, any where. I give up a lot of my life for her. You may think I am just blabbing trying to make myself sound good, but I am not. Well, she is 15 months and about to be a big sister in January. I want a baby as a link between my boyfriend and I. I think having someone's baby is the best way to say you love them. I will flat out say it...I am stupid as h__l to want this at 16, but it is in my heart. You have got to try to talk me out of just feels so right.


celeste - June 11

Your feelings are very natural. As you watch your neice and watch your aunt go bring a new life into the world, it tends to bring up so many emotions. Its common to want the same thing with your boyfriend. But you have your whole life ahead of you. Maybe he is not ready regardless of how much he loves you. Just think in Janurary you will have another little one in your life to bond with. If you wee to become pregnant at this time, you would have no time to spend with them at all. You would have to dedicate your life to this child, which means no fun days with your neices and the new one, no time for friends, no time for romantic outings with your boyfriend. You should wait a few more years, at least by that time your niece could be a lillte helper with your baby. Trust me its no breeze. I had a little cousin who lokked up to me every moment, I took her everywhere. When I had a baby, I was too busy tending to every need. I had play dates, doc appointments, birthdays bashes, plu I was in school. Whenever I could I would go see her, but everyones schedules were diffrent. She had pee wee cheerleading and other things going on. Oh and not too mention when ever I could get a babysitter, My Hubby and I would sneak out to a movie or somthing. So value the time you have right now with your niece. You are very special to her and she would be crushed if you would suddenly have no time for her anymore.



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