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Megan - October 11

How old is too young to get pregnant i really want to know i want to have a baby


CAROL - October 11

Screw ages, Megan. I'm 14 (almost 15) and trying to get knocked up.


Melissa - October 11

Megan...don't listen to Carol........i'm 23 and even though I know I want children...I hold back because I want to be able to provide the right environment and be financially stable when I bring a child into the world. I guess there is no "right" time....but seriously.....I think anything under the age of 20 is too young. You change so much from your teen years into your early twenties!.....I went from being a party girl every night after I graduated and experienced lame boyfriend after boyfriend.....until I got a decent job, got a car, met a wonderful man whose about to graduate college...and am about to be married..........all im saying is...lots of things change...YOU change.....and if you decide to have a child at a young will be an unstable environment, You are still figuring out who you are....and it will be 10 times more tough when you are trying to help mold a little baby into who they will become one day...just wait. I look back at things I did or boys I thought I loved.....and I think to myself.."what the hell was I thinking?" all comes into perspective one day. And I was one of those girls who thought that they wanted a baby young too cause it would be cool or babies are just cute.....but I always had a nagging conscious that told me to wait and figure things out. I hope you have a conscious as strong as luck


m - October 11

ok megan if u want an ok baby never listen to carol she uses a turkey bastor and she is a nutso and needs to get her head checked ok and youll know when you are ready but wait till u have money


Sophia - October 11

Megan, If your young enough to ask that quest and yet old enough to understand what your asking and any answers you might get then you are definitly too young to have children. I was unfortunate I let hormones and lust go before good sense and was a mother before I turned 14. I was forced to give up my baby and have regreted and resented it eversince. My parents thought they were doing the best for me and maybe they were. I will never know either way. I would have to agree with the others though, Carol is completely nuts and should not be listened to under any circ_mstances.



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