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jackii - October 1

HEY, my ? is can i be pregnant is my LAST priod was aug.26- 1sept. ad i had s_x on the 17t of sept nd he bust in me. and 6days later i got my "period"can i still get pregnant (6days boremy next period plase any lil answer would help aslo its been 15 days since i had s_x when can i take a pregnncy test???


sunshine - October 1

yes you can get pregnant on the dates you described and ion the manner you described. You can take a test anytime now so go get one asap. And hopefully this will have wakened you up to the realities of a s_xual relationship, there is a reason its not an activity recommended for kids- at 14 you are just a kid, stop playing dangerously and go live a 14 yr old life. Enjoy it while you can, you don't realise how fast it'll pa__s! xSx


Viv - October 2

If you were pregnant I would think you would be mentioning at least some symptoms of early pregnancy. I don't see that. Also you had s_x on Day23 of your cycle, which is way past probable ovulation and got a period on Day29. It is quite unlikely that you are pregnant. Please buy some spermicidal inserts and slip one in before you get started. Then if the condom breaks you will have some backup. Also on Days 8-16 of your cycle, go to the movies instead.


jackiie - October 2

yes i have alot of symptoms like,peeing alot,headaces,i feel like throwing up ,im hugry all the time nd i FEEL pregnant... so im noteally sure cuz i had s_x on sept.17 and he came in me beacuase the condm broke....and then 6 days lateri had my "period" but it was wierd beacuase it was pinkish and brown an i was sptting like 4 days after it end'ed my period is alway 6 days long and comes every 28 days.... i really need help ca i or can i NOT get pregnant 14 days after ovulation (my frtile days????)


sunshine - October 2

you can get pregnant after this time but it is a very low risk. Still have protected s_x to be safe but it is unlikely you will conceive outwith your fertile window. xxx


jackiie - October 2

its me.. i really need to talk about this so if anyon wants IM me at ( awayzswe3t69) or dshortyx4xyou thanx!!!!!


Viv - October 4

Jackii, if you got pregnant on Day23, it's because you ovulated late that month. The symptoms make it sound as though you are. The weird period on Sept 23 would have been implantation. Wait 2 weeks from implantation before testing - like Oct 7th. Buy a twin pack and if Oct 7 is -ive, test again Oct 14. If you want to talk some more, e-mail me at [email protected]



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