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Mary - January 26

Please answer my question. About 3 months ago I began fooling around with my best buddy. Before we new it we were having s_x and he was inside me. He said He said that he filled me with come. I told him not to worry as I have not got my period yet so I can not get pregnant until I get my period. We have been doing it after school about three times a week now and he still is coming inside of me. My question is can I get the pill so when I get my period I will not get pregnant. I would love a baby but I want to wait a few more years before I have one.


To Mary - January 26

Yes you can get on the pill and if you are having such an active s_x life, I would recomend it. Just remember that it takes awhile for the pill to kick in (once you finnish your first pack, then you are usually good to go.)


additional ??? - January 26

Is it ok not to use the pill until I get my period. I'm 12 1/2 and may not get my period for a year. My mom didn't get her period unit 15 and she told me not worry about not having it yet.


To Mary - January 26

It's fine to not use the pill until you have your period, but you might want to use some other form of birth condoms.


additional ? - January 26

Why do I need condums. I cant get pregnant and it was the first time for us


To Mary - January 27

You can get pregnant before you even have your very first period, because ovulation takes place 2 weeks before the period starts. Also the pill will not protect you from STD's and Aids so I suggest going on the pill and also using condoms. You sound like a smart young girl, please speak to an educated adult, be it your mother, a doctor, or a teacher and have them tell you the facts.


tara - January 27

the last post her is correct. You can sertianly get pregnant even if you haven't gotten your first period. You don't know when you might begin to ovulate and so pregnancy is still a hige risk here. You really should talk to a Dr. about this to get all the facts and have dr. put you on a suitable birth control method. No birth controll is 100% they are said to be about 97-98% so using a condom is a good idea becuase if one fails the other is there to protect you. Condoms are also the only protection you have against STDs and infections.


concerned - January 27

Mary if your are only 12 1/2 and you have not started your periods yet apart from your age it means your body is NOT ready for s_x and YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT. How old is your best buddy. The other thing too is that I would be really suprised if a doctor would prescribe the pill to a 12 yr old who has not started her periods yet as the pill is hormaonla and you would be introducing a hormaone that the body is not yet ready to cope with. It could cause more probs. If I was you I would be holding off on the s_x until you get your period be it until 15 or 17 or if you HAVE TO HAVE s_x them use spermicide and a condom


tina - February 1

you can still get pregnant when you dont have your period. once you get it you could be pregnant.. go read the info on it for proof->


Anonymous - February 2

I'm 15 and my girlfriend is pregnant. I'm not going to abandon her or my child but most girls arent that lucky. Be careful who you sleep with. Try to avoid having s_x at all, I know its hard but its the safest thing. If you're going to continue then use as much protection as you can.


dalton - February 7

can you tell me ? how to see if my girlfriend is pregnant


Thanks to all who answered - March 6

Thanks I am now taking the pill. Im taking ortho tricyclene low . Clinic told me this is the lowest level of protection that I can have and not get pregnant. I threw up every monring starting the third day I took the pill. Is this normal My mom teased me about being pregnant and having morning sickness. Mom does now we are having s_x after school. My bud still likes to come inside me.


Audrey - March 8

Mary- The pill can have some side effects, but if it makes you that sick you should talk to your doctor about getting a different dosage. There's also a chance that you might already be pregnant, so try taking a home test to be sure. Best wishes!


Tabitha aka Tee - March 8

hey what up to answer you question if you havent came on then you dont need the pill, but when you do and you do want the pill then go do you doctor and ask.


chrisi - March 21

i am on my period right now and for the last week or so i've had one or all of the following. head aches, tender b___st, nausia, and basicly not feeling good. and i am on the birth control patch. could i be pregnant?


Val - March 26

You can get preg. if you are o the pill it takes 7 days for most pills to get in your system you need to use some type of proctetion


Up date from Mary - March 29

Please help I think I'm pregnant. I have all the signs and an extra one I am very h__y. I want my bud to be near me or humpin me all the time. I no you all told me it would happen. Howlong do I need to wait until I can get tested. I have been having morning sickness mostly every day for about three weeks. How do I tell my mom that I may be going to have a baby soon. Please tell me how to break the news to my mom and bud.



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