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Brittany - January 17

I am 16, I missed my period for 3 weeks and thought i was pregnant. So I took a pregnancy test and it said negative, but my boyfriend c_mmed in me the day before I took the test. Two days after I took the test I started my period but we had s_x the first day I was on my period and he c_mmed in me again. That was two days ago. I'm scared and confused! When should I take a pregnancy test? I need to know as much as possible! Please help?


Sarah - January 17

First of all s_x without protection=babies=irresponsible if you cant raise them!! Test again in another week/ week & a half. For your sake you better hope you are not pregnant, there is no excuse in this day and age to not be protected. If you dont want to be pregnant, then use your head and get on some sort of effective birth control, as you guys seem to really suck at the "pull out" method and even that is not very effective.


tara - January 17

why are you not using a condom and birth control????? First thing you need to know is to use 2 types of protection every time to have s_x. 2nd thing is you need to wait one missed period before the test will work. And there have been people who reported that tehy were pregnant but all tests came out negative for the first 3 months... if you think you are pregnnat you need to go see your dr. or go to plan parent hood in your area and they can have you tested. Use protection!


brittany - January 17

im not a whore ok yes i have had unprotected s_x i asked a question and expected to get help not to get criticized


Hayley - January 17

You should wait and see if your next period arrives and if it doesn't take a test then. But if getting pregnant scares you you really should use condoms.


to Brittany - January 17

Go and see your doctor now for a blood tests to see if your are pregnant and secondly stop having unprotected s_x. When you see your dr ask him/her if you can go on the pill and then when you pick up your script also buy a box of condoms and give them to your b/f. Then tell him if they are not on then s_x is NOT on


CB - January 19

Did it ever occur to you that the internet could contain more than one brittany on this website... I know it is a crazy thought but just go with it.


brittany - January 19

thank you CB cuz i just found this site a couple of days ago



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