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Jen - May 19

I posted before and everyone told me i should keep the baby and my boyfriend is being a bad person for not wanting to keep it. But the thing is, if my dad finds out we were even dating he said he would go after him, but now im pregnant by the same guy that my dad doesnt want me dating. My boyfriend is trying to keep both of us out of trouble by not keeping the baby, but i dont want to get rid of it. I dont know if i should take the safe way out and not have the baby, or if i should have it and deal with the risk of everything since it is one of the consequences of what we did. Im just afraid of what my dad will do to the both of us. Please help me.


Audrey - May 19

Jen- Depending on what state you're in, there are different legal ages of consent. Some states are at 16 some are at 18. You both have to ask some hard questions of yourselves. Are you mentally and financially capable of supporting a child? Will you be able to go back to school? If you are that afraid of your father you might consider moving out on your own if you really want to keep the child. Remember that most clinics will not perform abortions after 16 weeks so you need to think fast. Good luck!


Jen - May 19

But im only 14 years old, and i know i can still go to school, i go once a week for about an hour, so school is fine, i have a job so i know financially i should be ok, i babysit alot so i know i can take care of one. I've thought about moving out but where do i go? Im too young to get an apartment or anything, so im not sure what to do.


Grandpa Viv - May 19

Jen, your dad is going to have to be part of the solution. There's no other way. He isn't going to do anything to the bf, those were empty threats to try to keep the two of you apart. He is going to have to handle all of the expense and some of the child care chores. It's only fair that you bring him into the decision-making process. Say "Dad, you got a minute? Sit down. Remember how you told me not to be dating Justin. Well, there's something I need to tell you."


maya - May 19

don't give ur baby up cause yall would get in trouble. now its tme to grow up and take responsibity. ur bf too.


Derek - May 19

I suggest keeping the child, it is your and your partners and your dads first grand child. you father will have to realise that you are growing up and no matter what he says you will end up being friends with who you want to and go out with who you want. the question he has to aske himself is wether he values yours and his relationship and what he is willing to give up to keep it. and to me that is accepting what has happened and all 3 of you getting involved in this as you are young and need the help of your dad. and for the rest of time you will be a mom, your bf a dad and your dad a grand dad. i beleive it will work out, me i would want my daughter to be totally honest with me and i would want to help as much as i can where i can. at least your dad can hand your kid back to you when he has had enough lol.


Derek again, - May 20

Me again, first off i feel sorry for the young girls who are falling pregnant so young. life is ahead of you and many things to do. but second and best of all, a life is being knitted in your womb. it will bring you joy beyond your wildest dreams, a reason to continue. a love with nothing wanted for it, just a love because you are you and thats all that counts. a life you get to mould and to see grow and learn the simple joys of life, the wonder in their eyes is amazing and rewarding. i have 2 beautifull baby boys and even tho i am a man i feel for you all. if i ever had a daughter i would promote honesty all the time. and for one thing i would support her 100% and the would be dad will too of that i can promise you. when you have your own child you will finally understand what and why your folks did and how they feel. you will open a new way of communicating and see each other in a different light. so love and cherish your gift of a child, love it, praise it and help it all you can. the child is the greatest gift in all the world.



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