Please Dont Judge Me I Just Want To Talk To Someone

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Missa - October 18

I am seventeen and am pregnant. My parents know and all that. I just live in a small town and there is no one really to talk to. I need some advice on coping with people that are judging me, and any advice on how to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy, especially in school. Thanks


Melissa - October 19

Have you ever considered being schooled in the comfort of your home? Then you wouldnt have to be uncomfortable lugging your backpack around with all your books and you wouldnt even have to worry about what to wouldnt have to deal with people's dissaproving stares. You should be close to graduating...are you in your senior year?.....Maybe you can accelerate things at home and graduate far as people judging you...that is always going to happen no matter what just comes with the territory. Maybe you can at least escape it for a little while if you get an education at home. Hopefully you have a loving and supporting family who will help you get through it all....and one piece of advice.......continue your education after high school!....there are many programs that will a__sist you on getting a college degree...dont just do it for your it for yourself!.....Take care


a friend - October 19

Hey Sweety, how are you?? it will be alright. if you have msn messenger add me: (((((hugs)))))) it will be alright.


Melissa - October 19

I really wouldn't worry that much about other people. Get used to it, because you are going to have a lot of people judging you etc. You have to expect that. Just develop a tough skin and get through it. There is nothing else you can do about it. Especially in a small town where everyone knows each other. What about the father, are people giving him a hard time too?


angel - October 19

hi i am so sorry people are judging you thats horrible.... if u ever want someone to talk to my email is belicia_j@yahoo good luck :)


Missa - October 20

Thanks guys. I am supposed to graduate this June, and my due date is four days after - yikes. Are any of you pregnant? What has it been like for you?


Linds - October 23

i am 32 weeks preg and 21 yrs old (i just came here to see if i could help anyone). people judge me too and i've been with my boyfriend since i was 14 in 8th grade. in the beginning i was sooo sick but my 2nd trimester was so much my 3rd is getting a bit uncomfortable. i am very tired but no morning sickness :) i would never be able to go to school and be preg. i have a hard time just going to the grocery store without needing a nap. If u need anyone to talk to u can email me at good luck hun! stay strong it will all be worth it in the end!


Tabby - October 23

Hey I'm Tabitha and I'm 17 and 5 months pregnant. I go to a school where seeing a pregnant girl walking down the hall isn't abnormal...but i see people stairing at me when I go to certain the mall, or just walking somewhere. I know that people look at me funny and talk behind my back, but all that I really care about is seeing my baby when its born, hoping that its healthy and I couldn't be more excited. Im glad that you want to finish school while you are in this situation... but if it is really really hard for you to finish in a public school, try asking your parents to switch schools. If not, I'm sure you've got people to support you. As for my pregnancy, it has been really great for me. The only big problem I had was in my first trimester, I had problems with eating and I threw up alot. But now that I am in the 2nd, and I feel wonderful. Tell me about your pregnancy!! Have you been to the doc yet? What are some of the experiences that you've had?


Naveah Carr - October 23

I know how you feel, Well sorta. Im 15 and I think I may be. All I can tell you is to hold your head high and tell your self that your doing the right thing by keeping it and that your can be strong enough for you and your baby to. If you wanna talk my IM is sugar_guardian23 @yahoo.


girliegurl1 - October 23

Hey I know what you mean seriously, i was judged all the time while i was in school but i just graduated from high school in may. I've got 4 children! ( i know im a little young, but every birth control method ive tried ended up messin up) neways i had my first my freshman year and even though pregnant teens were popular at my school people stared at me and looked at me funny too! But don't let any of this stop you... I finished high school, have been excepted to a college, have 4 cute little girls and 1 on the way. Its nobody's business wat u do so dont worry just do good in school and everything will be fine! you all can im me at s_xilexi4125 (aol im) to talk about nething and everything i've done it all.


leigh - October 23

hey i was in your shoes 15 yrs ago and i graduated may 24 and my son was born may 27 i walked with my head held high and got my diploma even though the a__st principal tried to get me to quit school because i was a disgrace to the school but i spoke with the principal and he agreed she was stupid just ignore stupid people i made it and so can u my son is now in 10th grade and happy to be expecting his first sibling in 1 week i am 37 wks pregnant with his little sister and they will induce next week so best of luck to you and hold your head up high at least you are having your child instead of aborting hugs to u


melvina - October 24

I am also 17 and pregnant my parents also know and there are alot of people who look at me as though oh well she didnt suppose to get pregnant and then there are so many of my enemies who are pregnant and i didnt want to be in the same boat as them but i am and i have to live up to my responsibility and take it a day at a time


m - October 24

The people who are looking at you just don't know how to cope with the situation. It's their problem, so try not to let it bother you. Although I know it can be hard. This is a time when you really realise who are your good friends and who aren't. I hope you are ok.


Savanah - October 24

i've been judged up and down my extremly small town, but i'm being homeschooled now by my mom's friend and i stiill get to hang out wiht all of my friends. my boyfriend even gets talked bab about in school by the teachers. just tell them to mind their own d__n buisiness and tell them what u think of them. I'm 15 and 6 months pregnant and i just hold my head high.


savanah - October 24

and lucy stop being a b___h, just because yur lonely, doesn't mean you have to judge people and critisize them


Missa - October 24

Wow, guys, this is awesome. So far I am doing well. AH! Today I had to go take a nap in the nurses office at school because I was so tired. I was up all night because I would keep getting cramps on my left side if i was on my right side or my back or stomach. The only comfortable way to lay in on my left side. I have been lucky so far and haveent thrown up at all. You guys are all so strong! I am so lucky to have found this forum! Keep me update! And congrats to all!


Shanice - October 25

Don't be conformed by the world. People will bring you down as long as you live. Focus on the important things with you and your unborn child. Pray and develop a spiritual relationship with God. This is the best advice because I went through the same thing. People still talk but I refuse to let someone words take hold of me. Good Luck!



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