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chrissy54 - July 19

i had s_x the day after my period ended and my boyfriend came in me, is there anything i can do. is it possible for me to become preganant


amanda17 - July 19

Well you wouldn't be ovulating if that's what your question is. But anytime you have s_x you could become pregnant. If you miss your period, take a test. In the mean time I wouldn't stress too much about it. Next time use at least two forms of birth control.


amanda17 - July 19

Oh and if it was within I think it's 72 hours or something like that you can take the morning after pill.


Krissy25 - July 19

Most likely you wouldn't be ovulating but if you have a really long period it is possible that you could be close and sperm can live up to 5 days. Most women ovulate towards the middle of their cycle, or about 2 weeks before their period is due. Cycles begin on the first day of your period and end on the day before your next period starts. And like Amanda said the morning after pill (aka Plan B) can be taken within 72 hours of the time you had s_x. If you live in the US you can obtain Plan B without a perscription but you must be 18, or you can go to Planned Parenthood and obtain it there. Good luck to you and please, please, please use protection next time. You should always use a condom at the very least to protect against pregnancy and STD's but you should also consider going on the Pill, or getting the depo shot. Since you are s_xually active you need to start seeing an GYN doctor once a year if you arent' already. YOu should ask about your birth control options and what would work best for you. Good Luck.


RylansMommy - July 19

Um your not pregnant, take a test to make yourself feel better. Then go get on BC or use a condom... thats was those amazing things are made for...that way you dont have this problem again.


nawna24 - July 19

you prolly arent pregnant but there is always a chance when u have unprotected s_x.. dont stress it..but take a test if u just a heads up u might want to get on birth control an use condoms too...


dontremember - July 21

I suppose it depends how long your period lasted! Anytime you have unprotected s_x you are risking it, so what is the point. If you really don't want a child then putting a condom on is really much more simple and less ha__sle than giving birth.



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