Please Help 16yr Old

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Brieauna-curious - April 26

this is tha boyfriend really wants to concieve a baby in may on the 14 the day after my bday.....he is 18 but i am not really worried about "my mom" on the age....anyways...he already started to but baby pampers,tshirts,the aveeno br___tpump and bottles,and all sorts of things...i really want one too and i can wait but tell me am i making the right decision? i graduated early and all but is this right? please help [email protected]


Lisa - April 26

This may sound a bit old fashioned, but generally, when you plan a family it comes after you have married, built or bought yourself a home, and you are fairly financially secure. Maybe you would be happier just living together for a while, getting some money behind you etc. Its great to say you want a baby, but it costs a lot of money and you need to dedicate most of your time to raising them. You seem fairly wise, do you think your boyfriend has put any forethought into how it will affect your lives and is he able to take care of you and a baby emotionally and financially? Maybe you guys might benefit from some counselling before you make the decision?


Grandpa Viv - April 26

This is very unusual behavior for an 18 year old male. What is his story? Though you may both feel pretty grown up right now, both of you will change a good deal in the next ten years and you may end up finding that you have started a family with the wrong person. Starting a family is one of the most important things we do in life, and the right preparation for that is the next most important. I don't think you are there yet.


Audrey - April 26

Brieauna- 1) If you are 16 you should check the laws of the state that you live in. Many states have the legal age of consensual s_x set at 18, so if you get pregnant by an 18 year old he can get into serious trouble. 2) If you are not absolutely certain that this path is right for you, don't do it. A lot can happen in a few short years, you might want to go to college or get a job, both of which are made harder if you have a child. 3) Are you both financially secure and able to support a family? These are things that you should consider. Best wishes!


katie - April 26

well im not sayin thing except b careful cause guys are guys but if its wat u both really want go for it but i wud think before u do anything....ur still young and there's lots of time to hav a baby....but make cheak the law okies well take care but plz think strongly before u do get urself pregnant xxx katie


infogirl - April 27

Please. How can you be sure this dude is going to be around after you get pregnant? You might say, "Oh no, not my boyfriend, he loves me!" Go down to the WIC office in your area and ask all the other girls in there with their babies how many of them thought the same thing. Go to college, live your life. Go to parties with your friends and have fun while you are young. If you still want a baby, get a puppy or somethng.



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