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a teen in trouble - September 13

okay...i am 15 years old..i know you people have probably heard this story a million times but and my boyfriend were messing around and then we decided to have s_x (for both of us it was our first time)...when he was 'finished' the condom slid off and we aren't sure if it went 'inside' of me...and then a few days later we decided to have s_x again w/out a condom...but he pulled out before he came...i wasnt scared at first but now that i've read that in fact you can get pregnant from pre-c_m i am very hasnt been that long and my period don't have a regular cycle anyway so i'm not sure what i should do...please help me!


Viv - September 12

Girl, when you feel he is going to come out of you, reach down and make sure the condom comes with him. For a couple in their early 20s there is only a 25% chance of getting pregnant in any given month if you are TRYING. With no regular cycle there is about a 10% chance that you were in the fertile window. My guess is that there is a 1 in 40 chance of you having got pregnant. If within 2 weeks of the last time you had s_x you still have no early symptoms of pregnancy (sore b___sts, bladder and bowel changes, tiredness or nausea) then I would say you are off the hook this time. Unless you want to get pregnant you should double up on contraception EVERY TIME. Use a condom and foam if that is what you can afford and obtain easily. You need to carry condoms in case he 'forgets'.


u r dumb - September 13

u sure are a dumba__s, dumba__s


Shelly - September 13

I know you don't want to hear this, but the younger you are, the fertile you are. That is why you hear about teens getting pregnant by "accident" and 40 year olds that keep trying without any luck. Not very fair is it? Take a home pregnancy test when you think you are late, or have a blood test done. Have you talked to an adult you are close to? Now would be a good time. I know other teens that have been in your situation. With the right help, everything will be OK. Good luck, and like Viv says be VERY CAREFUL.


Katrina - September 14

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant before the man actually ejaculates. It's what happened to me. Condoms are not fool proof. Your best bet for contraception (if you're not pregnant and plan to continue having s_x) would be a hormonal one. There are lots of options; the pill, the shot, the patch, the ring. Since you're s_xually active, you should go to see a gynecologist anyways. Good luck!



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