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HELP - May 10

ok i think i might be pregnant. its been 17 days since 'possible conception' and i took a preg. test. today and it said negative but i have an irreg, period so i didnt miss it so i had to count by days after ' possible conception'. im going to retake the test cuz i have so many symptons. i had my period last week but i have such an irreg. period theres no way to tell if its too little at all and i heard that some blood during preg. is commen. this is all so much to take. my birthday, my 15 brithday is on friday ( itll have been 3 weeks on friday sadly enough) finals r coming up, i have so much work to do in school and so much pressure i dont kno if im so stressed im imagingin all of these symptons but they feel real and ims o scared: abdominal pain/ cramping abdominal slight bloating weight gain frequent urination gas enlarged br___ts and tenderness nausea cold symptons ( i feel like its just a cold. so many ppl r sick at my school but i also heard that u get some of these when ur preg. in the beinging ) stuffy/runny nose and headache, no fever appet_te increase\ and some mood swings i can have an excuse for all of this. its just that there all together and i have this feeling. im so scared someone please help. im going to retake the test but thats in 3 days and im going crazy. i cant deal with this and i need to. please just giv eme some kind of peace of mind until i can take it again.


Audrey - May 10

Help- An irregular cycle does cause much confusion, as I well know. Think back to when it happened. Did you experience discharge or spotting about a week afterwards? That might have been implantation if in fact you did conceive. The symptoms you describe point to possible pregnancy so I advise you to take another home test in a few days. If you still get a negative, see a doctor for a blood test which will tell for certain. Try to relax, because if it turns out that you are not pregnant, the stress is what might be delaying your period. Best wishes!


Grandpa Viv - May 10

I don't know what test you took but the sensitive ones can work just 10 days after conception. That's one small hurdle you are over. Wait a week before taking another. It is not uncommon for girls in your situation to "imagine" (or perhaps generate a real hormone surge to cause) the early signs of pregnancy. Your best bet right now is to focus on finals and try to put pregnancy out of your mind. Happy Birthday this Friday.


--- - May 13

I have an irregualr cycle too. I bloody hate it. But sumtimes b___st tenderness can come b4 u get ur period, im not sure tho. Go c ur doctor, that's wat i'de do. Or if u don't want to go there, go to a medicenter or free clinic with a friend or sumthing. You could just be stressed out too, that might be why. I dunno man, good luck to u.


Audrey - May 13

Question girl- Everybody is different. Early pregnancy symptoms also include feelings similar to PMS, sore b___sts, frequent urination, mood swings, and nausea. If you can't trust your family doctor you can go to a different doctor or clinic and make sure they don't tell your parents if you don't want them to. If you're having cramps that badly you should consider that it might be something other than pregnancy. Best of luck!


pooh - May 29

well u might be getting pregnet but im not soo sure . I am 11 years old and i have periods to dont worry it shouldnt be to bad


jen - May 29

i feel stress just as much as you however im late3 weeks for my period.. and i havent taken the test yet im 15 turning 16 this year..i am going to take it soon um yea its almost summer and i have projects and exams to worry about i am stressing a lot maybe it could be just thati am imagining it like you.. but i have some symptoms not a lot..dont seem like i have enough of tjhe sypmtoms..anyhow good luck for you



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