Please Help Could I B Prego

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bbyj2009 - September 28

I'm not quite sure how to go about askin this so i'm just goin to go for it please excuse me if some is random.Im 17 and me and my ex mess around sometimes. Hes only gone in once and he had a condom on, but it was like for 2 seconds, and he told me he gets off really easy. so bout two weeks ago we were in the shower, and he didn't have a condom on. He didnt actually go in but he put his stuff between my legs, like touching me down there, but not physically in. But then like a week ago i had slight cramping and spotting only when i wiped for one day. And now my period is a day late and i was just wondering if its possible for me to b prego. please help.


Grandpa Viv - September 28

Wow, that is not much exposure, but the timing was right. I suppose it is just possible that you are pregnant. Do you have any early signs other than a day late - like tired, peeing more, lotion discharge, appet_te, smells and PMS signs going crazy? Good luck!


bbyj2009 - September 28

I am tired at really random times, i normally don't have an appet_te and the past few days i cant eat enough, for like the last week i use the bathroom frequently, what do you mean by lotion discharge?


bbyj2009 - September 28

omg i just rememered that about mayb a week or less ago when i went to the bathroom there was this really white milky lotion like discharge. i dont have nausea or tender b___sts or anything like that though. could i b pregnant?


MALAYA - September 29

when was you last period and when was this shower incident? Yes you can become pregnant if some of his sperm was by your v____a. It only takes a little to move their way up.


bbyj2009 - September 29

my last period was august 27. but i have 31 day cycle. it happened like the 15 of september. and i forgot to mention that after he did that he fingered me. could this cause some to get inside?


MALAYA - September 29

well according to an ovulation calender you may very well be pregnant. Your fertile days were Sept. 10-15. If you are pregnant; you are about a couple weeks. If there was sperm on his fingers most definately you can become pregnant. He doesn't have to "c_m" inside of you in order for you to become pregnant. I hope all turns out in your favor...keep in touch!!


V9653 - September 30

Simply said-go take a test!!! It should be accurate since you are late. If it's negative, then it could be stress or just your body being out of whack. Wait it out, and if your period still doesn't come, take another test, if still nothing-go to a doctor. Also, if you get a positive-go to a doctor.


lolababy - October 17

I think your chances of being pg are very slim, because he never ejaculated inside you (with or without a condom) and unless he was using his ejaculate as lube or something when he was fingering you, I doubt that you would be pg. Also, your body could be playing tricks on you and make you think you are pg.


angelmonkey - October 17

i had spotting 6days after s_x when i was ovulating and am now 5months pregnant so i think its likley, much exsposure or not it only takes one


Teddyfinch - October 18

i'd say you're not pregnant. in the shower? there's water streaming down your legs constantly and if the shower was warmer than your body temp, it's possible the heat of the water killed his sperm. i'd say no playing unless he's wrapped up just to be safe.



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