Please Help I M Scared

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Ineedhelp - August 4

I m worry bout getting period is late for 4 days already and i had unprotected s_x with my bf yesterday. Should i take home pregnancy test, can i trust on it ? If I`m really pregnant, what should i do ? I cant keep the baby, i`m only 15.. can abortion pill help ? Or should i go and ask for help from doctor ? Can anyone please tell me.. i dont know what can i do now... There is no other sign unless missed period only.. but my mind keep telling me that i`m pregnant.. i dont wan to continue being like this.. i cant tell anyone unless my bf, but both of us know nothing.. i hope there`s someone who can help me.


SaRaH - August 3

I think that you should just calm down. It is your concience telling you that you are pregnant. This is WAY too early to tell. I think that you should be up front with one of your parents and let them get you on birth control if you are gonna have s_x at 15. IF you are pregnant then it is best to get help from a doctor so that the proper care can be given!! GOOD LUCK!


Ineedhelp - August 4

sarah, i cant tell anyone bout this and if i go for doctor.. people ll know ! sigh


Diana - August 4

Babi, Calm down... and take a deep breath, just like Sarah said... Everyone in ur position is very scared... You'll be alright... I know your 15, so am I and I'm waiting for my period too!!! You shouldn't have had unprotected s_x, but telling you on that now isn't going to change your problem... You need to go get a test from a drug store... maybe get two just in case... If they are positive... Then go to a doctor or tell ur gardian... because they care about you and will help take care of you even if you believe its the worst thing to do... You should tell your gardian... You dont have to do this alone... There are a lot of women who think that, but your not alone...! --- God Bless You and I hope this helped--


goodluck - August 4

Well it is possible you are preganant and I know that you're aware of that. Take a pregnancy test and trust it! If it comes up negative then you have nothing to worry about. Your mind is tellign you that you are because your scared. If you want an abortion pill go to the doctor and see what he recomends. If you don't want a baby don't have s_x or if you need to make sure he's weraing a condom. BE SAFE! goodluck!


Steph - August 4

It's always possible for you to be preggy if you had unprotected s_x... and even if you were protected... but that's besides the point... chances are since you're still kinna young that your peroid's gonna be slightly unpredictable.... if you are pregnant... the abortion pill is only for really early on so talk to your local docter... as for telling people... talk to someone you trust and try to work out a way to break it to family and stuf... there's a bunch of stuff out there if you need more info.


Ineedhelp - August 4

Can i take abortion pill after few weeks of pregnant ?


Ineedhelp - August 4

What is the effect by taking abortion pill? Do i need to take rest ?? i cant take any rest, if not my parents ll know bout it..


SaRaH - August 4

Do they give out the abortion pill in your area or do you have to go to a clinic???



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