Please Help I M So Scared

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BoBiN - December 13

well i'm 14 nearly 15, i went out with this boy for 6 months then he cheated on me so i dumped him i met up with him and had s_x a week and two days ago!! it was a spur of the moment thing and we didn't use contraception and he ejaculated inside me, i'm very mature for my age but i'm not ready for a baby! i'm due in 4 days time and i need 2 know to take a preg. test if i don't come on my period. i'm tryin not 2 worry but i can't help it! plz try 2 help me 2 find out if im preg. plz! luv BoBiN


Chey - December 13

Girl i know how you 15 and am 7 weeks pregnant..all i did was take a home pregnacy test and the results were positive i was worried at first but am kinda of happy that am having a baby because i'll have something that belongs to me..if ya need to talk juz email me at [email protected] you good luck


r - December 13

The best way to know if you are is to wait and do the test. In some cases you can do the test even before your period, but the most possitive way to know is to wait a couple of days after you are due. I understand your situation and it's not easy to wait but try and relax for another few days then you can do the test and know for sure. If it turns out you are, remember that there are alot of options open to you, and that you are not alone. But for now just stay calm. Let me know how it turns out and good luck.


EmiLy - December 17

i Made Mistake i am soo Worried i cant sleep eat and it is wacking my weekends my grades my Chrismas. it was my first time and it hurt and i dont know if he cam and it wasnt in all the way and it was in ther for like 5 seconds i am soo nervous and scared i am to young ugh i made a mistake i just wanna kill myself! ugh i am scared to death and then i always get my period at diffrent times sometime Early in the mounth and sometimes around the 20 and i cant remeber if i had it already this mounth or not i always get it around my friends and she got her 2 days ago and i am getting nervous its not the 20 yet but yeah i dont know what to do i am soo NEVOUS. how long should i wait until i take a test.. tell after next mounth? please let me know you can E-mail me @ [email protected]


Amy - December 17

I think that you need to go and buy a pregnancy test from the store. Also you can go to your doctor.


Kelsey - December 17

I am almost 4 months pregnant.. I found out almost 2 months ago.. My boyfriend that i have been with for 8 Months freaked out... Wait to see if your period comes... There is a possibility that you could just be late and not be pregnant.. If your period does not coem within the 3-4 days that it is supppose to then you need to take a test.. by the way I know exactly how you feel im also 14



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