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Ivy - October 18

There was this incident where I got involved in a fingering incident with my boyfriend. Later, he told me that he was m____eing an hour or two before the fingering incident. I asked him if he washed his hands before it went into my body and he said yeah, he did, but not with soap. He also said that he wiped his hands/fingers a little bit before he put it inside me. A week after, I got my period. It think it was normal (and not the type of pregnancy bleeding that might be mistaken for a period) because I was hit hard by a painful cramp. 35 days after I got my previous period, I'm here, waiting for my next period to come. At first, I wasn't worried. But since my boyfriend kept on telling me, "It's past 30 days already", I got scared. Now, according to my records, the latest day I had my period was on the 36th or 37th day after my previous one. I usally have though on the 30th to 34th. So far, I don't have potential symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and sore nipples, or whatsoever, although the sides of my br___ts (not nipples) hurt a little bit when I take my bra off. I think my br___ts were always like that whenever my period is about to come. Also, I've been having cramps that kept on "turning on and off". Again, it was always like that when I'm approaching my period. Then there's my cervical mucus. Last time I checked, it was cloudy white, sticky and a very little, little elastic. I don't think this indicates ovulation because it it was, it would have been clear and very elastic. I am extremely, extremely worried that my period hasn't come yet. My questions are as follows: -Am I pregnant based from the info given above? -Does sperm die on fingers just by washing them with water and wiping them with a cloth? -Can extreme worry about being pregnant at a young age and that your period might not come, actually cause you to miss your period? Please help me. Thank You all and I apologize for the long story.


Hmmmm - October 18

Let's see. It would be very unlikely to get pregnant through fingering if he washed his hands and they have been dry for like 2 hours. So the first q is probably a no. The second q is yes sperm probably dies not only from the washing/wiping but being out in the air that long. Your third q is a yes, stress can make you miss your period. If you are as late as you say you can take a home pregnancy test. Good luck.


Strange - October 19

It is strange that you know so much about sigs of ovulation and cervical mucus but are completely ignorant as to how a woman gets pregnant. I understand you are afraid but I think the chances of your being pregnant are 1 in a trillion! It is not easy for sperm to reach the egg even in normal circ_mstances. Stop worrying and if you are going to stress out so much go get a test! they have early pregnancy detectors that you can take before your period is due. Tell your boyfriend to get an education too and stop stressing you out. Also, for some reason I highly doubt he even washed his hands which is probably why he's worried! Get a new guy!


- October 19




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