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Michelle - July 26

Hi, about a few weeks ago I got some spottting for 2 days and before that i got some cramps. Now, when i'm due for my period I am a week late and no sighn but when i took a home pregnancy test it came out negative and i took two. And i always get my period right on time ever since i got my period. Please Help me what do you guys think?


missy - July 26

get a bloode test pee tests cant always tell trust me! im haveing the same problem


Michelle - July 26

I think i might go tomorrow on my day off to the clinic and get a blood test. I can buy a pee test in a drug store, right?


missy - July 26

yes and u can buy them at dollar general for 4 dollars


michelle - July 26

Thank you so much, and the pee test is more acurate then clear blue test (that's the one I took)? Maybe both test came out negative cause i did them both in 2 days. I'm so confuse right now..


missy - July 26

but i heardu get what u pay for so get a ept or somthing best time to take it is in the morning


Michelle - July 26

I'm just going to wait to go to the clinic tomorrow.. do u think i could be pregnant... i'm sorry to bother but i really appreciate it.


missy - July 26

i dont want to get your hopes up but i do think you are preggers..... i just dont want to dissapoint u if you were hoping so and your not u know what i mean...but tests detect hormones in a large amont and the further along you are the more your hormones change so i think you are your having the right symptoms...good luck let me know tommarrow


Michelle - July 26

I really appreciate it.. And i will let you know tomorrow.. To tell you the truth i wasn't really looking for a baby right now.. i enlist recently in a college that's really gonna take my time but if i am i'm going to have to drop out of it... my b/f would probally have to look for 2 job.. its gonna be hard but i guess well make it. thanx alot for all your help..


missy - July 26

no problem take care make sure to tell me i want to know


Grandpa Viv - July 26

Spotting a week before your period might be implantation, and a week late is certainly cause for concern. About now would be the time to expect a home test to show positive if you are pg. I just wonder about you, since you don't tell of any early signs of pregnancy other than the period. Fatigue, peeing, discharge, upset gut? Check Good Luck!


ElizabethK - July 26

You need to take the pregnancy test when you first wake up in the morning. Use your first morning urine. I took one in the middle of the day and it came back inconclusive then I took one at 5 AM bc I couldn't wait and it came back positive.


Michelle - July 27

Hey, I called the clinic today and I have to go tomorrow in the morning to take a blood test. She told me most probally I am.. I'm so nervous... Thank you so much for you guys writting back... i'm going to check out that website now


missy - July 27

let us know


Michelle - July 28

Hey, I went to the clinic the test came back negative but i have to test again next week to make sure she said cuz it could be also too early. And after the second test about a week after i can get back on my birth control pills again. I just can't do anything with my b/f for two weeks.. I just can't wait til i get back on my birth control pills and take them everyday. Thank You so much for writting back.. I really appreciate it. :)


missy - July 28

good luck thanx for letting me know



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