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Krissy - January 13

i have no idea if im pregnant! and im SO 15 years old! i had s_x with my best friend 3 times, and that was about a month and a half ago..and i havent had my period yet! he told me he wanted me to get an abortion if it did happen! but i am soo against that! please help me! :'(


tara - January 13

I guess you guys didn't use any protection. When you don't use protection you are always at a higher risk of getting pregnant. Have you done a home pregnancy test yet? If not you need to do one and find out for sure, or go straight to the Dr to get it done. That's the first step to find out if you are or not. Then you need to have a long conversation with your friend about this and what he would think if you kept this baby. What are your thoughts on abortion? Are your parents open and willing to help? You can get through this step by step…first step is you need to go get tested and make sure.


shannon - January 13

Hunny calm down, get a ride to a clinic called planned parent hood and they will do test and everything, don't worry it is confidential, and if it turns out you are tell you mom or dad first never the guy you slept with because he might try to hurt you because he dosent want the baby okay good luck hun...I send u my love.. I care ... email me if u like okay, [email protected]


Lisa - January 13

I wouldn't start worrying until you have a confirmed pregnancy. You both acted irresponsibly, if he was so adoment he didn't want to get you pregnant, he should have at LEAST asked if you were protected against pregnancy FIRST!


Jordyn - January 13

DON"T get an abortion!!! that is the last thing you want to do i know its kindda scary to think about having a child when your only 15 but, i know where your comming from i didnt have my period for 3 mounths one time and just prayed to god every night. that i wouldnt have a baby just get a home pregancy test befor you tell any one about it! whatever you do dont get an abortion if you do end up being pregnant and dont want your baby there are a lot of people out there who really want to adopt!! good luck with love jordyn


tara - January 13

Jordyn, There are lots of pros and cons to abortion and adoption. I think it really depends on the person to decide what they want to do. If I were you I would list pros and cons on both sides and not tell someone what they should and should not do. I know you mean well here...but I think it's wrong to tell others what the last thing they should do is.


tara - January 13

Krissy, I agree with Shannon go to the planned parent hood in your area and they will help you. And she is also right about telling your parents first and not the guy. Like I said before, step by step you will get through this.


To Krissy - January 13

I know this is an awkward situation for you, and my heart goes out to you, but i also hope this has made you realise that s_x is not just "fun and games" there are consequences of actions and the possibility of pregnancy is one of them. The best thing to do is find out for sure, and take steps from there, but in the end it IS your body and only you can decide, no one can force you to do anything against your will. Your best friend seems like a jerk and if he cared about you, would not be putting you in such a harsh position. Hold off on the s_x for the time being.... you have a lifetime to expereince such things, please dont rush it and end up in hot water... its just not worth it.


khristina - January 13

im 15 and about 4 months pregnant i no what your going through if you need to talk to me my email is [email protected]!! my baby daddy said the same thing but now he cant wait to find out what were having so email me if you like



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