Please Help Me I M So Scared

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alone and scared - May 8

i had s_x around april 10th or the 11th, and i haven't gotten my period yet. the boy i had s_x with is 10, is there any way he could have gotten me pregnant?! please help


maybeybaby - May 9

hey alone and scared, if u've had unprotected s_x then there is a chance that u can get pregnant. If your period is late u should test. How old are u any ways? most boys start producing sperm around 9-14 years of age, it varies from boy to boy. Good Luck.


corinne - May 9

Ok do you mean you've never had your period before, or you haven't gotten it this month?


Kay - May 9

If you are scared of getting pregnant then the thing is do not have s_x! Or advised to atleast wear a condom! You dont state if you have your periods and it just hasnt come , your you have missed on. When does your usual cycle last ? Are you regular ?


Evonna - May 9

First off, how old are you? and like Kay said, if you fear of being pregnant, why are you having s_x? or atleast why not be protected? Why are you having s_x at all?


Grandpa Viv - May 9

Let me guess that you are not much older than the boy. There is only a small chance that he is producing viable sperm (does he ejaculate s____n?), a small chance that you are producing viable eggs, and an extremely small chance that you are pregnant. More likely the s_xual games you were playing have upset your cycle, which at a young age can be erratic. These are dangerous games. The day will come when you are both able to start a pregnancy, and there is no way of knowing exactly when that will be. Lay off until you are old enough to buy birth control protection and use it properlyy.


corinne - May 9

Amen Grandpa Viv, Amen.


ash2 - May 9



Evonna - May 9

i am so right with you ash2, i am also not letting my girls out the house either. This is ridiculous. We have 7 year olds on here wanting to have a baby!!!


Evonna - May 9

exactly @ kayla


midnight_drift - May 10

I'm sorry for what I am about to say, but 10? You need to grow up more sweetie. If you are pregnant, and 7 years old, it is very unlikely that the baby will survive. And are you even having your period... at 7? If not, then you probably won't be pregnant. But here is some advice. Grow up a little hunny. If you're 7, wait till you grow up some more to have s_x, because at 7, you really don't understand things. And how could a mother keept their 7 year old home alone with a 10 year old boy to ALLOW this? Not being mean to you sweetie, but what has the world COME to?


EricaLynn - May 10

Are you the one that posted a while ago saying you were 7 and trying? Are these all a joke? 10!!!!


corinne - May 10

I'm gonna say this in away that my post can't get deleted. Alone and scared do you know about the birds and the bees.


Rachel0510 - May 11

A 7 y/o and a 10 y/o? WOW!



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