Please Help Me Im Only 16

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Amba - October 4

Hello people. Im 16 and just about 5days ago i visited an old friends house. we both got extremely drunk and he said we slept together. Hes not supportive at all. I am have eating disorder so my period is really out of whack, i didnt use a condom and im not on the pill. i got my period about 2days after that night quite heavy, and topday it just stopped. i am really worried because things are great at home and my parents would never think i was able to sleep with someone at this age. please help me. Am i allowed to buy a pregnancy test from my local pharmacy or am i too young or need my parents? Am i allowed to buy 'the pill' or do i need parents with me? Thankyu for yur time.


Savanah - October 5

You can buy your own pregnancy test. If you have a planned parenthood around or a crisis clinic they will give you a free test, planned parenthood also will give you birth control, depending on how much money YOU have each month is how much it's going to cost. Hope that helped!


March_Mommy06 - October 6

Hey, I wouldnt recommend drinking with guys, stuff like that happens a lot :) Yes, you can buy your own test. But if you have a health department or something, you can get one free. When I was on BC through them, it was free and so were all my exams and stuff, I was working 40 hours a week and bringing in like $300 a week and still got it free.


GUcheerleader - October 6

Amba, your 16 and drinking well theirs the begining of all your problems why did you drink in the first place? But tell your parent and whatever you do don't abort it MURDER no matter what anybody else calls it, it is MURDER DO NOT Abort this baby. There is nothing worse than to Give up this child. The doctors will tell you that It's not a baby until your 3 months pregnant but thats a LIE. it IS murder. Don't do this to yourself but most importaintly the baby. Please listen to me!



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