PLEASE Help Me Within The Next 24 Hours URGENT

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Anonymous - September 26

Alright, well I am the type of girl who thinks nothing bad can ever happen to me, well 2 days ago i was really drunk and this guy and I went into his truck. I dont remember much but i remember after we made-out he jacked off, then i believe after that he inserted his p__s ONE time OUT and IN real quick, i yelled no and he respected that, and that was that, well i'm scared when he jacked off he c_mmed and possibly inserted something inside me....I am confused and want to take the day after pill so please help! ANYONE!


Helper - September 26

Take the day after pill immediately. Something like that could cause you to fall pregnant, especially if he came and then inserted his p___s inside you. If it is easy for you to get your hands on the day after pill, then do so now! If not, get someone you trust (like a close family member or a friend) to go out and buy one for you. Once you take that pill, you won't have to worry. But next time be sure to drink wisely and don't go running off with guys that you don't know because you'll never know what might happen to you. Learn from your mistakes! Good luck.


Katie - September 26

I'm only 16, but if you feel like you want to take the morning after pill, than you should. I don't think theres a big chance you're pregnant, but it's better to be safe than sorry, ya know? So, get a ride to the nearest clinic, and ask for the pill, they are totally confidential and won't tell your parent either. I'm pregnant, so take it from's not a very smart choice to skip the pill...:) good luck.


someone who cares - September 26

ok you need to stop and think.first are you ready for a baby.think of your furture.i think you might want to that the morning after pill just to be on the safe side.raising a baby is very hard i was a kid at one time and i got pregnant at the age of 15.i love my kids but if they would have had that pill when i was young i never would have had a kid that can get pregnant from what he think long and hard.cause rasing a baby is even harder.


to urgent - September 26

not only should you take a pregnancy test after a few weeks, but also tests for std's and aids and all the rest, you did not know this guy so pregnancy is not your only problem, but you can very well caught a disease too,not to make things worse, but thats what I would do and take it easy on the drinking!! Good luck!



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