Please Help Very Confused

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Asha - January 23

Okay i think im pregnant and i haven't told my mom i dont want to until i know for sure my period was like 5 days late and i was bleeding light pink brown blood so i figured it was implantation bleeding but now its dark red and there is more i dont know for sure if im pregnant so i cant tell if im having a miscarriage or something and its not as much blood as my regular period. i have had swollen breats but they aren't sore anymore, the area them is only really dark around one br___t im really confused and how frequent is frequent urination?Help please


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Well if your period is only 5 days late, so even if you were pregnant, those symptoms probably wouldn't be showing up yet. Also, if you think you're pregnant you need to go get a couple tests from the store, and take one, one morning, and take the other one the next morning, if they come up positive, then you need to tell your parents so they can get you to a doctor who can confirm it and get you the things you need, prenatel vitamins etc.


carrie - January 23

I agree that if your period is 5 days late than there is a chance that you are pg. The only way to know is to test and 5 days late is a good enough time to test. You sound like you might have your period though. Being pregnant could just be wishful thinking. GO TEST!! Go to a free clinic if you need to.


KM - January 23

she could very well have symptoms if her period is five days late. symptoms can start as early as a couple wks. Also depends on when she got preggo. I found out (from my period being late) and I was 6 wks already at that time. Some ppl are preggo can still get a period that ressembles that of a normal one the first couple wks.I would advise taking the test, then waiting at least 3 days before retesting. Be sure to do it with your morning urine, the hcg levels will show up better that way if you are preggo.Usually you can get an acurate test if its around the time where you should be having your period.


Kourtney - January 23

The symptoms shes describing, are frequent urination which happens when the baby is big and everything squishing against your bladder, if shes 5 weeks pregnant, theres plenty of room in her stomach right now. My b___sts didn't get swollen until my milk came in, and thats when b___sts usually become swollen, and my milk didn't come in until after my daughter was born. Morning sickness I could understand.


asha - January 24

But i didnt get any morning sickness. And i have been bleeding for two days. The last time i had s_x was Dec 27


Asha - January 24

and there are small clots that i dont usually have



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