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Cyndi - October 18

Okay got a bit of a situation i guess you could say... i know in my heart im pregnant i just know i am, heres how: i have missed 4 periods my last period was on june 20th, i have had a positive pregnancy test ( first response) i am now starting to gain some weight and its uncomfortable for me to fit in my jeans but i just don't know sometimes i think im not pregnant and i don't wanna tell me parents if i am not really pregnant, my doctor is over an hour way (we have full coverage over there) and the hosipital here covers me but only when my mom or dad goes with me, i will not go to a clinic my parents always told me not too and if they found out wow i would be in trouble. i just don't know what to do should i just fess up and tell them i think im pregnant or try and figure out a way to make sure i am? please give me some feed back asap.


- October 18

first if u miss that many periods then u are pregnant, and being about four months u really need to be seen by a dr. for ur health and the babys u also need to tell ur parents, but remember whats done is done. if u go to a clinic, they cant tell ur parents. privacy laws. and how old are u. i


Cyndi - October 18

thankyou so much for answering. im 17 ill be 18 in 2 months. and i know i need to tell my parents i just don't know how i mean my mom had my older brother when she was 18 got pregnant with him at 17 so i hope she won't take it that bad i just keep putting it off and i know i need to go to the doctor im just scared. what will they do when i do go to the doctor now that i am so far along already?


hali - October 18

you will probably have to get a full physical...they will probably listen to the should tell your parents...cause when you are pregnant you become a woman and woman don't lie to their parents


ARE YOU STUPID?? - October 19

Ok forst of all, if you are so worried that your parents would disapprove of your going to a clinic, then you should have worried that they would disapprove of your having s_x! So get over that right now. Secondly, if you've had unprotected s_x, missed 4 periods, had positive pregnancy tests then I am sure you are pregnant. You need to get to the doctor and if that means the clinic, then just go already. What are you waiting for? At this point having an abortion is probably out of the question, so what otehr choice do you have but to tell your parents?


To Cyndi - October 19

Hi Cyndi, someone please correct me if I'm wrong but although you can get a false negative, i don't think that you can get a false positive on a pregnancy test, so yes you do indeed sound pregnant. It sounds as if you're starting to move along in this pregnancy and I'm wondering if you're taking any specific vitamins etc? It really is vital for the health of you and your baby, as is full medical care and advice from a trained professional. This must be such a confusing and scary time for you, what with hormones racing and the added burden of this secret. It's a positive step that you have come on this site to ask for advice, and now it is time to ask for the support of an adult that you trust, be it your parents, a close relative or family friend. You should not have to go through this alone, it is a life changing event and you have as much right to loving support as the next person. It would be great to hear how you're getting on, remember that there are always people hear to listen, the best of luck to you


Cyndi - October 19

yes it is possible to get a false positive thats why im kind of confused, and although i havent gone to the doctor i have a few cousins in that kind of field and i do take pre natal vitamins so thats taken care of, i just gotta tell my parents, kind of putting it off but im graduating early (december ) and will be moving out soon with my boyfriend so i have things under control, except for telling them.


Advice - October 19

It is not likely to get false positives and still not get your period. Most likely if what you say is true, you are pregnant. Honeslty if you are going to take the step to be a parent, then you need to buck it up and tell your parents. Pretty soon your going to be one as well so you better start acting like one.


Jbear - October 20

You're probably due March 26, 2006 and you're 17 weeks pregnant. If you go to the doctor now, they'll probably do an ultrasound and the triple screen. The triple screen checks for birth defects and usually has to be done by the 18th week. It will be hard to tell your parents, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be. You could leave them a note, or you and your boyfriend could tell them together, or you could talk to whichever parent you have the best relationship with first, or you could tell your mom you need to see the doctor because of a problem with your periods, and then let the doctor tell her. She probably already suspects something, if she hasn't had to buy you pads or tampons in the last four months. You also may not want to move out of your parents' house until after your baby is born, if you're covered by their health insurance. At least make sure moving out won't make you ineligible for their insurance. One of the biggest shocks when you first live on your own is the cost of medical care.



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