Please If Any Body Can Help Me I Have No Help

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rachel2121 - December 18

me and my boyfriend had s_x about a week or less after i finished my period. when ever we had s_x we did not use a condom and he just pulled out before ejaculating. he told me he did not get any c_m inside me. then after we had s_x probably about 10 minutes later we had s_x again but before we had s_x i gave him oral s_x for 5 or 10 minutes but he did not ejaculate. then we had s_x again and he did not go pee in between s_xual intercourses is there a high medium or low chance that i could have gotten pregnant from his pre c_m when both times he pulled out before ejaculating and was sure he did not get any inside of me? i still havent gotten my period yet and all this happend the day after thanksgiving. im a week late and i have taken multiple home pregnancy tests and all have said NEGITIVE but i feel sick almost every night...i have very tender br___ts. i have been irratiable, minor cramping and lower sore back, i have been spotting but i have never bled enough to even have to wear a pad or tampon or even much a panty liner. please if any body has any advice please help me. i cant go to the doctor because i dont want my mom to find out im only 17 and i need help and my maybe baby daddy aint i dont have any help at the moment and please if yall could give me any advice on my situation..i would appriciate it so much


PreciousBaby19 - December 18

Well, calm down!! Lol If all the tests are negative then it is likly these are PMS symptoms because they are very closley related. Go see a doctor and ask your mom to take you for something else. If not then find a planned parenthood nearby and they can help you out. Search planned parenthood in your area. take it one step at a time and goodluck.


lunamoo - December 18

This sounds like the Penthouse forum


poo flinger - December 18

You mean its not? Whoa... I guess I'm in the wrong place... Woops!


jennifer_33106 - December 18



Grandpa Viv - December 18

Period was due Dec 11, so ovulation was likely Nov 27, and s_x Nov 23 was just inside the fertile window. You now report being a week late, weird cramps, nauseous, b___b signs, emotional, low backache, and emotional. How about peeing more, lotion discharge, acne, dreams, runny nose, dizzy moments, heartburn, ga__sy, all where different from normal PMS. Preg tests so far negative. You may be suffering from upset hormones from first s_x and an active imagination, or you may be pregnant. Take another preg test next weekend first morning pee. If it is still negative the chances of pregnancy begin to drop rapidly. Good luck!


Teddyfinch - December 19

Grandpa Viv to the rescue!!


Merciii - December 19

just GO to the doctor


rachel2121 - December 19

it cant be from being upset from first s_x..because that was not my first time...i lost my virginity when i was just 13 years old and im not about to be 18 in 2 months...but ill take your advice and try another test in a week or so and see what


rachel2121 - December 19

i meant im NOW about to be 18 in 2 months


HeavenisMine - December 19

woo woo pregnancy test!!:) Good luck!



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