Please Im Desprite

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HELP ME! - October 19

o.k hi, im 17 yrs old and i have loved and loss and i cant love again. i want i NEED a baby, becuz it will love me and ill love it everytime i love someone they love me back and then pull away. but maybe i could have this and my life will be better i already know wat i wanna do with my life and im more then half way there. please help me make the right choice. thank youz.


angel - October 19

hi :) im so sorry over ur loss... i was in a simialr situation when i was 19 my bf had left me and i wanted a baby soooooooo bad (still do :) only do it if ur 100 percent ready cuz its a wonderful thing but i can be really hard make sure your ready and can take care of the baby and have support good luck :)


Melissa - October 20

It's true that your child will love you unconditionally...but are you ready for the commitment it takes to have and raise a child?....Maybe you should seek counseling as to why you feel the way you do and seek other alternatives to having a baby. You are young and you might feel that you "need" a baby right now...but you might feel different later on...good luck


m - October 20

learn to love your self first cause a child isnt going to fulfill your need its just a child


dem - October 20

you can't have a child just to fill a void in YOUR life, it just isn't fair. A child takes a lot more love than it gives. Having a child just because you want something to love you is selfish when you are not prepared for everything it takes. You might as well get a dog. They always love you.


Jbear - October 20

This probably won't be what you want to hear, but here goes: I'm ten years older than you and when I was your age I thought I'd been in love before. I met my husband when I was 18 and the feelings I had for him were so much stronger than the way I'd ever felt before, that it was obvious that what I'd had before were just crushes. You're too young to give up on love. You'll find the right person and the sadness you feel now will be a distant memory. Also, a baby isn't the best solution. Do you love your parents all the time? I have a three year old who loves me half the time and the other half tells me she can't stand me. I have a two month old who loves whichever hand is holding the bottle. It's hard to love your kids 24 hours a day, too. When your baby wakes up every hour for days at a time and you can't sleep long enough to even dream, it's hard to love the baby. When your toddler pulls poop out of the diaper and smears it all over herself, the couch and the walls, it's hard to love the toddler. It's possible to feel very lonely even when you have a baby, and also, because you're so young, most of your friends probably aren't having babies yet. Once you have a baby, it changes you and you don't feel like you have anything in common with your friends who don't have kids yet. It feels like that as an adult, I imagine it would be an even stronger feeling when you're a teen. You should wait until you find the right person, and then start a family with him. Being a parent is really hard work and it's a lot easier when there's two of you, so there's someone to hand the kid over to when you feel like you're going nuts.


Danni - October 21

4 wot


Erin - October 21

Ask yourself what your relationship is with your parents? Do you always show them unconditional love. Children do not always give you unconditional love. Baby's don't stay babies forever! they become children that talk back, love you one moment and then scream they hate you the next. Children are a huge responsiblility. I am 30 with 2 children and a husband of 11 years and we can barley afford the two kids. It is hard with two of us to care for them. they are 9 and 7 now and I have to say it hasnt gotten any easier!! Please reconsider and I think starting with a pet would be a lot wiser. A new puppy is a lot of work, try it! and just imagine that a child is 100 times harder! A dog will never talk back to you and truely will love you unconditionaly! good luck!



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