Please Please Help He Wont Leave Me Alone

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Alyssa - December 13

My bfs stepdad forced me to have s_x & now im pregnant. I dont know wot to do, my bf dont know yet, & weve never had s_x so i cant say its his. His s/dad dont know either but he wont leave me alone he makes me ill i hate him. I dont know wot to do & im realy scared of his s/dad. Should i brake up with my bf so i dont have to see him? Please help me


Becky - December 13

awe, sweetie. follow your heart for your boyfriend. tell your boyfriend that his s/dad scares you... then your gonna have to figure out how to handle your pregnancy... you could... hum... you could have s_x with your boyfriend and say t was his, or you could get an abortion... but its totaly up to you... best of luck sweetheart. if you wanna e-mail me you can [email protected] goodluck. and dont fall for something that stops you from when you want..:)


Kar - December 13

Wow, that must be soo tough. If you don't want to have s_x with this man and hes forcing you too then thats rape. You really should tell someone. If you want to tell your boyfriend that fine but don't feel like you have too. Its ok to feel imbarra__sed and upset but its not your fault! ... If your pregnant you need to deside weither or not your going to continue with the pregnancy or if your going to have an abortion. Thats a really tough decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. Tell the police, your parents, a guidence teacher, or another adult you trust right away.


twingle - December 13

THAT IS RAPE! Go to the police NOW! Do it for the other girls he will violate if not for yourself. I can't believe nobody has pointed this out yet. This is NOT YOUR FAULT, don't believe what ANYBODY says otherwise. Call a rape crisis hotline at least, they are anonymous and will give you support over the phone to help you decide what to do. And for heaben's sake, don't have s_x with your bf just to lie about a baby. That's letting yourself in for worse problems, believe me. My sister's husband is a social worker who works with teen girls so this is how I know. If you need ANY kind of support please email me at [email protected]


twingle - December 13

Sorry Kar, I wrote my last post while you were posting, apparently. Thank you for pointing out that forced s_x is rape.


Kar - December 13

I definitly agree with twingle! You need help NOW!! And don't have s_x with your bf and pa__s it off as his! This is a child your talking about! That would be living a life of lies! I don't kno what the hell Becky was thinking!


Stephanie - December 14

Alyssa if he raped you you need to go to the police. i know he is your boyfriends dad but what he did was wrong and he needs to pay the consequences. go to the police. tell you parents first is what i would recomend. and alyssa i know exactly where you are coming from my daughter is the result of me being raped. we never found out who did it but i love my little girl with all my heart. but you need to go to the police


Stephanie - December 14

and alyssa if you need to talk to someone my email address is [email protected] and if you would like to chat thats msn and my aol is deepbrowniceblue. another thing i would like to say is do not try to pa__s it off as your boyfriends. if he ever found out that you had done that to him. not only is that giving him huge responsibility thats ruining his life and thats something he doesnt need. tell him the truth.


Alyssa - December 15

Wot wud happen if i went to the police? Wud they have to touch me? Wot type of questions wud they ask? I just dont know wot to do. Ive been to the clinic but i just said my bf was the farther coz i cudnt bear them asking questions. I dont know wot to do with the baby im only 14 & i cant look after a baby & my bf wudnt want me hed think id cheated on him. He aready knows somthings wrong coz i dont want to go to his house. i cant tell hm the real reason. His s/dad brushes by me & stares at me & he tries to kiss me. I cant bear to be like this any more i want to die


addy - December 15

Did he rape you? I think if your bf s/dad did and if he really loves you he will understand and maybe step up to the plate and want to be your childs father and if he doesn't then he probably never really loved you anyways and your unborn child no matter who the father is that is also a part of you and no matter what will always love you and you will always love him and think about boys go and come throughout your whole life but a childs love is forever. I have a wonderful boyfriend and im 17 and 7 months pregnant I also have alot of worrys and all but I would never give up on my child for the world or man for that matter.


addy - December 15

if I was you I would first off tell your parents I know it's scary but you can get through it i totally thought my parents was going to kill me. If you are close to your mother I would then later get her alone and tell her about your bf s/dad. she would tell you what you ought to do but tell her you don't want to do anything until you figure out how to tell your bf well you might not have to tell the police after your dad finds out and goes and shoots him. and your bf if he doesn't stay with you he shouldnt have even been with a special person like yourself he's just missing out on you and your child and i don't think the police would touch you or anything like that but that b___d your bf s/dad needs to rott in a prison anyways and please don't get rid of your baby even if you can't raise it on your own I can't either but you would be so surprised of how supportive your family will be. I would like you to stay in touch with me my email address is [email protected]


twingle - December 16

Alyssa, The police would first probably want take you to the hospital for a pelvic exam. It would be a woman doctor or at the very least a woman police officer would be with you. This is to confirm your pregnancy and any possible signs of abuse. However, they won't force you. A note from your doctor and a blood test for the baby's DNA is all the proof you would need. As you are only 14, it wouldn't matter what your boyfriend's stepfather says; it's still rape, you are WAY below the legal age of consent. Nobody will force you to confront the guy either. You won't have to even see him except to identify him in a courtroom. My sister's best friend (who is like a little sister to me) was raped by an older guy, and the only time she saw him after his arrest was when she went to testify. I KNOW you can do this. You have all the proof you need, and even if you decide not to keep the baby (either by terminating the pregnancy or adoption) they will be able to get the proof you need to get that b___d in jail. Let us know what you decide, and remember, NONE of this is your fault! All of us are here for you.


Vanessa - December 16

Talk to an adult you know and trust, get them to help you, somone needs to confront the s/dad, what he's done and doind is illegal and he should be locked up. Let your boyfriend know, if he gets angry, leave him saying u cant put up with it anymore, whether he believes you or not


t - December 19

mae you are incredibly sick. This is a SUPPORTIVE forum, not a dating service. Go find an S&M website and stay out of this one.


mae - December 19

im giving her support if she sent him to me hed leave her alone


uhhuh - December 19

mae, if you are so desperate for a boyfriend that you would do something like this, all I can say is get a shrink and leave these poor kids alone.


mae - December 21

you dont know whats happened to me you dont understand. i cant help what i am



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