Please Please Help Iam Only In Year 10

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heaven - December 23

iam 15 and my tech teacher is 21 , i fell in love with him and he always flirted with me , i had a detention 1nce with him and he locked the door and pulled the blinds he asked me if i wanted to do it and i said yes so it was both of us. he took me in the stoor cupboard and it was all set up blankets and stuff on the floor even champagne. he undresses me and we were both butt naked then i had champagne i got a bit drunk and we fell on the floor it was so gd he c_mmed in me loads i 4got he had no condom when i remembered i ddnt say nefing cause it felt so gd we had s_x 4 1 1/2 hrs (lunch break) we did this every tech lesson 4 bout 1 month nw i think iam pregnant help


Grandpa Viv - December 23

Another creative writing exercise, somewhat short on credibility.


Anon - December 23

Very short.


Hilary - December 26

again "Im only"


ko - January 26

.. shutup


becca - January 26

ur a bit silly reli speshly with a teacher okay so u didnt use a condam the first time what about all the others take a test n maby not tellin ne 1 hu the father is if u r pregnant will b a gud idea


To Becca - January 26

Please don't tell me you believed that?


becca - January 26

no not reli but u neva no she mite b tellin da truth


Hilary - January 26

LOL Champage? Cmon Becca! 1.5 hr lunch break???


counseling maybe - January 26

If this is true, your teacher could be prosecuted. Crushes can be extremely dangerous for both parties involved...if you really "loved" him, you would have thought about consequences to his life and your own, if you are pregnant, if this story is true, where is it going to get you? He'll have lost his job, be fighting jail time and you'll be all alone. And not to mention what your fellow cla__smates will be whispering in the halls.


Kajala - January 26

if it was true there wouldn't be all the details about the s_x and what happened and how long s_x lasted. Some little girl who fantasises about her teacher. Not many 21 year olds are teachers. God I wouldn't want a 21 year old teaching my kids.


Mommy2Kylie - January 26

Wow, how boring. Can't people come up with more interesting fake stories?


katie - January 27

lol grandpa viv



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