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concerned - November 27

Well, I had s_x on oct 10 I had very abnormal period about 4 days later and it lasted for a day if that. I have been cramping, having white discharge, been nauseaus and throwing up, back pain, and my bbs hurt. I am getting negative blood tests. The day I was suppose to get my period in november I had brown discharge then blood for a few hours then it stopped. I feel pregnant. I had a blood test like 2 weeks after we had s_x but I am not sure if that was to early. I just turned 20 so my periods are normal and always have been for years now. He did not c_m in me but he came and then we messed around. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I need to know because im taking meds that you cant take while pregnant. . .


concerned - November 27

I mean I am getting negative hpts


? - November 27

Hello,you sound stressed and stress can cause irregular periods,if you are really uncertain of what to do i suggest you go to your doctors and get them to do another blood test to see if you are pregnant,because like you said you are taking medication that you shouldnt when you are pregnant;so go and see if you are because if you are you wouldnt want anything to happen to the baby would you,Good luck! x


Grandpa Viv - November 27

A qualitative blood test might not pick up a pregnancy at 14dpo. We have seen an instance here where a quant_tative blood test did not pick it up. The time line on your story is a little odd. Say your period was due Nov 2, then ovulation would have been likely Oct 19. S_x Oct 10th (right as your period was ending ?) would not have been high risk. Maybe for some odd reason you ovulated a week early - wow!. The male urethra still contains enough s____n to cause pregnancy after ejaculation. You have several good signs, including the lotion discharge. So yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant under somewhat unusual circ_mstances. Take a home test first pee tomorrow morning and give us an update. If it is still negative you might want to talk to the doc about what else might be going on. Good luck!


concerned - November 27

I will take a test tommorow morning I bought like 5 dollar tree tests and have 2 left I didnt take one this morning tho. Take it with the first urine right so just a little bit is all you need I think right? Thanks for your help guys


? - November 28

Yes the best time to take a test is in the morning when you have your first wee.


concerned - November 29

I completly forgot to take a test this morning I was running so late to work. Tommorow morning I will let you know how it comes out. How far along could i get before i get a bfp?



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