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Tara - January 23

hey, im tara an im 14 years old i want to tell my story! when i was 12 i hadnt had my period so i didnt think i could ever get preg.. boy was i wrong! like there has to be something there to have a period right..? so 5 months later, still no period i start getting really sick and bloated, so i went to see my doc he said i was preg i was like how!! he said its not likely but it can happen, it happened to me! i was 5 months preg 12 years old and couldnt have an abortion as it was to late. so now im 14 and my daughter natalie is turning 2 years old on feb 4th! its been really hard over the last 2 years, i wish i hadnt of had s_x then, but i love my daugher and i wil no matter what! i know it isnt very likely you will get preg before you have ever had a period but it can happen. please dont lecture me about being to young ive heard it enough!


Scared little girl - January 24

1st of all the person who answered above me is completely stupid and has no idea what they're talking about. Girls get pressured into doing things and there's nothin we can do about it afterwrads. I'm 15 and i may be pregnant and it had to be even harder being in 7th grade when this happened to her. If any of you have advice for me please go read my question, it's t_tle is "i'm 15 and i don't know if its true or not". thanx


... - January 24

pressure? sure you have pressure.. but thats no excuse. if you really dont want to do something then DONT DO IT. period. atleast if you're "pressured" wear a d__n condom!


My own - January 25

Tara I think its great that you told your story. It is rare that this happens but it does happen and people have to know that. She did not ask to be criticized for having s_x, she was trying to warn young teenagers that it is possible to get pregnant without having a period yet so this doesn't happen to them.Goodluck Tara.


Lou - January 25

you know, the majority of the people on here are here because they have been researching pregnancy probably because they are pregnant or think they may be, so why do half the posters on here say wear a d__n condom or keep your legs shut, and why dont they take their own advice?


UnLuckyLady - January 25

look girls dont believe u can have s_x once and omg you will get pregnant because the likleyness of getting pregnant is 20% a month i am 19 years old and i have been trying so hard for a child for 21 months i have been having s_x on my ovulation dates and i am 19 years old. i should be at peak fertility in my life right now. yes you can get pregnant by having s_x once but the liklyhood of it is very slim. good luck to all you teen mums and dont do anything you dont want to do



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