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Brooke - December 27

Hi everyone. I am 16 years old, and I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for about eight months. We have been having s_x for quite a while now, and we had always tried to implement at least one form of safe s_x, usually withdrawal, although sometimes condoms. I had a scare about a month or so ago, when I started feeling nauseated and tired, and it took a pregnancy test. It was negative, but I tested again two weeks later just to be sure. It was also negative. Night before last (christmas eve) my boyfriend drove me home, and we parked and had s_x in my car, with no protection. We didn't even practice withdrawal. I suddenly got a bad feeling about it, and didn't know if he had actually withdrawn or not. I started to ask, and then backed out to avoid sounding stupid, However, he pressed me for the question, and then guessed it. I don't really know how he guessed, but his answer was no, he hadn't withdrawn. The next night (christmas night), he drove me home again, in his truck. We parked and before we had s_x I said "you know there is nothing keeping me from being pregnant right now" and he said "yeah," and proceeded. I requested a condom, and he put one on, and muttered something. I stated that "I don't like them either, but it is better than being pregnant" then for some reason I can't fathom, I asked "You don't want to use it?" He said no, (of course) and I said "fine then, don't use one" and we didn't. So for two nights in a row, we had completely unprotected s_x. I know feelings don't account for much, but I do have a bad feeling about this scare, and last time, I didn't. I don't know how worried I should be. Is there a great chance I am pregnant? I wouldn't have an abortion, and I know that my boyfriend would stay with me (he is 18, btw, which is legal for s_x in my state). My family is extremely well off, and I know his family would stay by me as well, because we are all incredibly close. I just want to know if I should be really worried. Sorry it's so long, but I had to tell it all. Thanks.


Hilary - December 27

For the 29305803th time no protection CAN= Pregnancy, we are not doctors nor are we pregnancy tests


Grandpa Viv - December 27

Thank you for your story, Brooke. One thing they don't teach in school is that women are most receptive to s_x when they are most fertile. If your last period started around Dec 11-12 you have maybe a 50/50 chance of pregnancy. The odds drop rapidly if the period started before that, more slowly if it started after. If you are to get pregnant, you might feel some changes around New Year's Day. Wait a week after missing a normal period before taking a home test. Withdrawal is not a reliable method of contraception. You need to get on birth control pills, and use a back-up method if you are not good at remembering to take the pills on schedule.


hey - December 27

Wait atleast a week or like 10 days after the first day of ur missed period to take a test, if u cant wait, just get a blood test from docs, its easy just call and make and appointment or go to planned parenthood.


Brooke - December 27

The thing is though, I have had s_x before then, and I don't actually recall if we withdrew or not, but I know for sure we didn't use a condom every time. My last period was around November 14, although I tend to only bleed for about three days, and it is very light. So I usually don't notice periods that much, but I am pretty sure that was the last one. December 14th has came and went, and I guess I just never took the time to notice that I don't think I have had a period this month. I don't recall, and I know that sounds stupid, but I don't.


hey - December 27

well then take a pregnancy test, u can go to a free clinic and take it for free. That way u know if ur pg or not, cuz if ur last period was nov. 14 and we're almost in january and u dont think uve had urs then u should really test so then atleast u know and can start thinking about what the next step for u would be.


jenn - December 27

well if you already missed dec per then result should be accurate.... you can always get a blood test which are very accurate or wait until jan 14th when your next per should be if you miss it then wait a couple of days and take a test


amanda - December 28

go to planned parenthood and get the emergency contreception pill it should be only about 25 dollars.. while your there ask them about birth control pills .. i dont know where you live but i get them for free from my planned parenthood ..ive been in your situation way too many times ive been lucky .. i hope you are too ... but please go there and ask them for a type of birthcontrol there are so many.. pills, shots, thingys they can implant inside you good luck<3


Brooke - December 28

I know it's stupid, again, but I don't want the emergency contraceptive. If I am pregnant, then I think it is for a reason, (I am very religious, raised baptist), and I would have the child. And keep it. My boyfriend and I were planning on marriage anyway as soon as I graduate, and his family is supportive. My mother would rather I not have it, and if she found out early enough, she would probably try to force me to have an abortion, but she can't. Eventually, since we have talked about it before, she would support me. Again, finances aren't a problem at all for me or my family, and aid in raising a child is also abundant. I am getting a pregnancy test this week, and if I am pregnant, I will most likely keep it, finish high school, and then, with a lot of help and more work that I know I can imagine, I will go to college. I already have a scholarship to a college, that, if my record holds true, will be followed by a scholarship to Law School. Paying for school won't be a problem. So I think I can do this, if the situation does turn out to be that I am pregnant, and I thank you all for your input.


Hilary - December 28

Good luck and keep us updated


amanda - December 28

well if you are im pretty sure its not going to show up in a week after you had s_x you have to wait untill you miss your period and then go


Tasha - December 29

i wouldnt be worried if you want the baby. im 15 and my bf and i are trying to get pregnant because children are a blessing. plus if your parents are well off then you have nothing to worrie about money wise


brittany - December 29

then why r u worried about it


t - December 29

I just wanted to add here that withdrawal is not generally considered safe s_x. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite here, because I have used that form of "birth control" for 5 years now, but I am also in a situation where a pregnancy wouldn't be a tragedy. Inconvenient (I have 3 kids), but not a tragedy. If you are NOT pregnant, you should consider going on the pill or the patch. Even if you are financially independent, it's extremely hard emotionally to take care of a baby and concentrate on school at the same time. My "little" sister is finishing up her BA right now and she is always telling me about this one woman in her cla__s who had straight A's before she got pregnant. She is now a C average... Obviously, none of this will necessarily apply to you; we both know this, and I can tell by the way you write that you are otherwise a very intelligent young woman. Believe me, it's a lot more fun to have all that school "c___p" out of the way before you start the family. But if you do turn out to be pregnant, I wish you all the best. I suspect you are the success story type. GL.


Brooke - December 30

Considering the fact that I could have gotten pregnant prior to Christmas time, I took a pregnancy test today, and it was negative. However, since I also had two instances of unprotected s_x Christmas eve and day, I went ahead and bought another test to use after I miss or have a period in January, just in case. No matter what, I will test in mid-january to be sure.


Simple - December 30




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