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Oprah - October 14

I had s_x with two guys at the same time and now I'm pregnant. I don't know the boys that well. One boy gave me his phone number but every time I call, the phone just rings and rings. I am planning on having the baby but I don't want to do it on my own. My boyfriend is away at UA and we haven't had s_x since before school started so I know he's not the father. We have been together since I was in the eigth grade and he in the ninth so I would rather have a baby with him than either of the two guys. If I try my hardest, I really could have found the boys by now, but something deep inside me just doesn't want them to know. Based on the day we had s_x, I am probably like 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend has just called and told me he was coming to visit me this weekend and I know what he wants to do. My plan is to do what he wants to do, then pass the baby off as his. I think this will be the best thing for the baby in the long run. The only thing is I will feel terrible about it but I can't help but think it. My boyfriend will be very successful one day and even though we have an open relationship, he will leave me if I have someone else's child. I just want to do what's best for the child without giving my baby up. i know it comes off looking bad but at the end of the day isn't the baby the most important in the situation? Am I really such a horrible human being for what I want to do?


- October 14

no matter what u feel or think, that baby has all rights to kow his bio. father. even if ur boyfriend is going to end it with u.. have u told ur mom? if so u should ask her what she would do. the best thing u can do for that baby is let him know where her REALLY come from. just be smart


Mel - October 14

Dont pa__s the baby off as his. It will only cause heartache in the end. Believe me...the truth always comes out in the end somehow...and it isnt a pretty picture.You wil have more of a mess on your hands than what you are dealing with now.Trust me..telling the truth at this point might suck...but at least you can say you were honest


Yeah...ok - October 14

Call Jerry Springer.


- October 14

That's really mean to your bf and your baby, You shouldn't have cheated on him, In my opinion, you're getting what you deserve


Lesley - October 14

Why is everyone being so mean here? How can you put someone in jail for fraud by the way, by sayin he is the father? Seriously ppl! All she has done is come on looking for advice, not to get abuse. Oprah - the best thing for you to do is be honest.


chuney - October 14

i think you are being very selfish. you just don't want to tell everyone how much of a ho you've by getting pregnant and not knowing who the father is. you are trying to justify your actions by saying it will be the best thing for your baby if the father was your boyfriend but the truth is it is really the best thing for you. you are a horrible person. the child is a human being not just some piece of candy you're stealing from the store. how would you feel if you had a baby and didn't know (work with me here) and someone stole your baby from you and never told you about. i bet you would be p__sed off and want to charge the thief with kidnapping. well you are doing the same thing to the baby's real father only you are the kidnapper. just don't do it. it is stupid and it won't work.


Nikki - October 14

Hi Oprah. I`m 19 and almost 9 weeks pregnant. No u r not a horrible person for doing what you want to do and don't ever believe that u r. You are trying to do what is best for ur baby and if ur boyfriend really loves you he will love and accept the child that you give him. As for what you did be4 life is a prison and accidents happen. But that doesn't mean you are horribile becuase of it. Do what is best for ur baby and may god bless u in the future. Hope this helps.


hiya - October 15

life sucks doesn't it. what u want to do is not the right decision. that's all i have to say


Jenny - October 15

That is a horrible thing to do. You obviously can't hide a pregnancy, so you need to tell your bf and your family the truth. If your bf chooses to break up with you (and he may), he has every right to do that. It's not his baby, so it is totally wrong to make him support the baby. You may want to consider giving the baby up for adoption.


Nikki - October 15

Honestly, I think that is the price you pay when you cheat on someone you say you love. Karma has a way of coming back to you and it's definately done so with you. I'm sorry that you're going through such a hard thing, but pa__sing the baby off as your boyfriends and letting him believe that this child that was created during a threesome you had behind his back just so that he will support you and your child is wrong. How could you live with yourself knowing that you allowed your boyfriend to sacrifice the life he could have, for the life of a young parent to a child that isn't even his. If it were me in your position, I would not be able to look in the mirror everyday living that lie. I personally think that your b/f deserves to know the truth. Don't mess up his life just to cover up your mistake.


Oprah - October 15

Thank you all for your posts, I think?? I had the worst night last night. My boyfreind ended up not coming to visit me this weekend. Some how he found out that I "cheated" on him from my supposed friend. She didn't tell him directly but she told his cousin about it (stupid right) and of course my boyfriend found out. I know all you think I did cheat, but he left for college we decided that we wouldn't break up but could still talk to other people. He is mad at me becuase I had s_x with someone and he didn't. Even though he won't say it, I know that is the only reason he is mad and that is not my fault, he could have had s_x with someone if he had wanted to. Right now we are on a break from each other but we still haven't completely broken up. Luckily i didn't tell anyone, especially my friend, that i was pregnant yet so my boyfriend still doesn't know about it. He loves me very much so if he finds out that I having a baby that is not his, then it will break his heart. Our relationship will be completely over, a four year relationship over because of something I did for like 45 minutes. I don't know what to do. If he isn't coming home this weekend then next time he will come will probably during thanksgiving. it will be too hard to convince him he got my pregnant then. I really don't want the relationship to end and I just don't know what to do. I think I could hide the pregnancy from everyone outside my family and hope know one tells my boyfriend. then let my mother adopt it as her own, while i go off to college. Can someone please give me some helpful advice.


Nikki - October 15

You plan on letting your mother raise YOUR baby for you while you move on with your life because there's no way you can convince your b/f that it is his baby so he will help you? OK, I was nice in my last post but you have proven to be the most selfish, inconsiderate, cold hearted spoiled brat I have ever seen. What's sad don't even see yourself as being selfish. You deserve whatever comes of all of this.


Gemma - October 16

You can't tell your B/F the baby is his. For a start he will probably work it out soon and if he doesn't think how hurt he will be when he finds out in a few years the child is not his cos he will.


ok - October 16

Whatever little girl



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