Please Some One Please Help Me Asap Please

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nidia - December 4

i had s_x with my friend about a week and 2 days ago with out a condom and i know he has s_x with 4 other diffrent girls but a week later ive been getting suchh a burning hurting pain in the hole of my va___a n it is very very red and alot alot of white stuff is coming out pouring out of my hole every time i look and i have small bumps around it and i dont know what it is but please some one tell me if he gave me a disease im only 15 and i dont know what to do some one tell me what this disease could be or if its just me... pleasee


CM - December 4

There is a VERY good chance you could have a STD, hate to say it but its true. If your so called "friend" is sleeping with other people and not using protection with them either who knows what he could have given you. You have no way of knowing what those other girls are doing either they could be picking up anything. you HAVE to be careful.....What you have is probably easily treated but PLEASE PLEASE in the future use protection. There are certain things that CANT be treated like AIDS...its not worth the worry. If there is such a thing near where you are i suggest you try and find a youth clinic or planned parenthood clinic which can test you and your parents wont find out. Good Luck and DONT DO IT AGAIN!!!


T - December 4

Nidia - It sounds like you have contracted an infection from your friend. I hope in the future you will use protection now. Not only do your risk the chance of pregnancy but you also risk the chance of s_xually transmitted diseases and infections. The latter seems a strong possibility. You will need to see your doctor. Dont worry your doctor has seen and heard it all before and its very confidential. So noone will find out unless you tell them. Just tell the doctor you had unprotected s_x and your symptoms down there. The doctor may to a pap smear where a swab is brushed against the inside of your v____a and some cells are taken from inside your hole. These cells (which you cant see or feel) are then taken in for tests and your results will come back shortly. Once your results are in the doctor will know what infection you have and what medication is best to treat it. When you are prescribed some medication or cream you must complete the perscribed course. Even if you think your infection has gone. So see your doctor as soon as possible. Dont ignore this. The infection will not clear up. It may seem that it has but it could be lying in wait. Let me know how you get on. :o)


moya - December 4

i would tell you to go to planned parenthood or another clinic that wont tell youre parents if you dont want them to know and they will give you medicine for it.


Grandpa Viv - December 4

I'm sorry, but that sound much like herpes, lots of cold sores. There is a support organization ... ... and good info at WebMD ... ... (if any hyphens appear in those URLs, get rid of them before clicking through). Herpes stays with you for life, but the intensity and duration of the outbreaks will decrease over time (sometimes years). You and your friend and his s_xual contacts need to lay off s_x until you have learned to control the outbreaks and not spread it to others. One containment strategy is only to have s_x with others similarly afflicted.



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